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Taco Bell Now Has $1 Nacho Fries For a Limited Time - Here's Our Verdict

Taco Bell has fries now?! I was incredibly curious on how these would taste, especially because it's so cheap anyway so why not try it!

Kevin and I went to the local Taco Bell during our lunch break and ordered TWO ORDERS OF NACHO FRIES! 

How affordable! ONLY A DOLLAR!? omgahhh. Well.. let's see how the portion is though and the taste...HMMM.

So each order looks like the picture above. The amount of fries is actually not that much. There are around 17 - 20 pieces each varying in sizes from long to short.

However, Taco Bell sure gives a decent amount of nacho cheese dip! The container is almost filled all the way and is honestly a good ratio with the fries.

I think the nacho cheese tastes pretty good. I thought I wouldn't like it, like maybe would taste too... fake or something? IDK WHAT I WAS THINKING...

But, the cheese dip actually tastes like the nacho cheese you would get at the carnivals or the movie theatre. If I value the nacho cheese at 50 cents and fries at 50 cents, a whole buck for this isn't too bad.

I am not much of a dipper myself, so I was able to use only one nacho cheese container on BOTH of the fries orders. I was thinking of saving the unused cheese for something else... like maybe take it home and use it with my chips... LOL!

I like how these fries aren't just basic fries. They are seasoned with "Mexican seasoning" which is not that salty but maybe a bit sweet.

YO, I was even thinking about saving the nacho cheese dip for the movie theatres. It would taste so good with popcorn... LOL!! Add some jalapenos to it... and damnnnnnnn ...

Yes! These nacho fries should be tried at least once! They are so cheap anyway so it won't hurt your wallet to just try.

I love how Taco Bell is one of those few fast food chains that is always innovating their menu. I kinda miss their triangular shaped chicken (chicken nachos) and their other creations. I am excited for their future innovations!

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