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Ice Cream Filled Crepes and Unlimited Toppings @ Creamery Pop - Westminster

Old But Gold. I used to go to Creamery Pop so often back then! It was my go-to spot for awhile and I love how they open late until midnight everyday


These photographs are from when I first visited Creamery Pop in Westminster during their first month of opening (2016)\. I was seriously obsessed with that place that I would go so often, I got to know the owner's daughter, Claudine. 

I went there often because they make their gelato fresh there. You can literally see all the machinery they have in the kitchen because they have a window where you can see everything. 

They have sooooooo many flavors including exotic Asian flavors like Durian, Thai Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, Taro, Avocado, Mung Bean, and Black Sesame just to name a few. It was definitely one of my fave ice cream shops at the time. (I went recently in January 2018 and their ice cream is still good!)

I love how the crepes are so inexpensive too! It's definitely a good bang for your buck compared too Crepe Coop (Anaheim and Tustin). How? Let's compare!

Crepe Coop: 
- around $10
- limited ice cream flavors
- gigantic crepe

Creamery Pop:
- around $7
- probably more than 10 ice cream flavors that's made in-store
- giant crepe
- unlimited toppings!

Anyway, both places are pretty good. I've been to Crepe Coop before and I enjoy their crepes too. However, Creamery Pop offers way more choices! And unlimited toppings? Why not!

On my recent visit (2018) I noticed the store has changed a lot. It added more decor. I admit, the decor isn't unified. It's a lot of separate themes in their own areas of the store. The staff do not seem as friendly anymore and the ice cream scoops are a bit smaller. 

The crepes aren't served in a to-go sleeve unless you ask for it. Instead, it's served in those cardboard "boats" by default and you'd need a spoon/fork to eat it.

The store added more "trendy" items. It kind of seemed to become one of those one-stop ice cream shops that is a jack of all trades but master of none typa place. But the ice cream itself was still yummy to me. It's one of the few places in the area that offers that many Asian exotic flavors anyway so it's worth a try.

I'll add another post with more updated photos of it from my recent visit. I guess it just felt so nostalgic to post this since I was scrolling through my 2016 photo album when  I should in fact be sleeping right now....

Address to Creamery Pop:
15556 Brookhurst St, Westminster, CA 92683

Creamery Pop Social Media:


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