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Doubly Egg-Cited For The Gudetama x Curry House Collab Extending Through February!

This is a collab you can't be too lazy for! The Gudetama x Curry House collaboration has created a meal set perfect for any Gudetama fanatic!

Disclosure: Kevin and I were invited to Curry House as media to experience this collab. All opinions are mine `cause you know I like to keep it real with y'all. Also, we've been here as customers too because we love the collab so much LOL!

Kevin and I love Gudetama! This cute little lazy egg is the perfect representation of us. If only we could just be lazy all the time... LOL! When we went to Curry House in Cypress, we brought (almost) all of our Gudetama gear that we've collected over the past including our backpacks, plushies that we've bought / won from UFO games, and more! Basically, this collab is perfect for us. So perfect that we've been here 3 times total!

The two Orange County Curry House locations are in Irvine and Cypress. I recommend going to the Cypress one because of the gigantic Gudetama on the mirror! It's the perfect spot to sit in and pose with your favorite Sanrio character!

I don't recommend going to the Irvine location because it isn't decorated with Gudetama too much... so it's boring T___T. Trust us, we've been there. 

The Gudetama Curry Meal Set comes with your choice of a drink, salad, egg pudding, corn soup, and keema curry!

For the drink, you can get soda, tropical iced tea, or iced green tea! I totally recommend the iced green tea which is slightly sweetened to perfection. It's so good and I love how they refill it for you for free. You can even take some leftovers home in a to-go cup too.. LOL! That's exactly what I did!

Reading some Egg-sistential Thoughts to our Gudetamas. This book was gifted to us by Sanrio. I love it so much because each page features a cute and lazy version of Gudetama! 

These are the Gudetama corn soups! Don't take too long taking photos, because these are better tasting warm! The corn soup isn't overly sweet and isn't thick either. I love the crunch of the corn pieces in every bite too!


This is the Egg Pudding! Look at that funny Gudetama face on it! It's basically a flan texture and I think goes very well with the flavor of the cherry and mint leaf all in one bite. 


The #GudetamaxCurryHouse collaboration is extending until Februay 28, 2018. It is available at all Curry House locations in California!

  • Gudetama themed meal at is available at ALL @CurryHouseUSA locations until February 28. ­
  • Curry usually comes with one egg but now u can upgrade to get TWO without any additional charge ­
  • Beanies are available to buy for $6 each without buying additional meal sets! (This is great if you wanna just share the meal set with another friend but wanna match beanies) ­
  • Complete meal costs $29 and comes with your choice of drink (I recommend green tea), salad, pudding, corn soup, keema curry and a beanie!

Food Review
  • Iced Green Tea
    • so freaking good! It's slightly sweetened and very addicting. The green tea flavor itself isn't too strong nor weak.
    • just get this!
  • Salad
    • this was my least favorite thing
    • I feel like it's such a filler salad to just make it somehow worth $29
    • the miso dressing is yummy though but i hated the beans in this salad
      • p.s. I don't like beans
    • I wish they could have added boiled gudetama on this salad!
  • Corn Soup
    • so yummy when eatern warm! It just warms my heart up and I love the itty bitty corn pieces in this
  • Egg Pudding
    • probably my favorite thing here because I love flan
    • this is the sweetest dessert out of two offered
    • I really like the sweet airy whipped cream on this as well
    • They added a candied cherry on top
  • Keema Curry
    • First of all, I have no idea what Keema curry is so I googled it:
      • It is typically minced beef or mutton curry (lamb or goat) with peas or potatoes. Keema can be made from almost any meat, can be cooked by stewing or frying, and can be formed into kebabs. Keema is also sometimes used as a filling for samosas or naan. m- Wikipedia
    • Okay, so it was probably minced beef after all. LOL not gonna lie, even though I ate this 3 times I wasn't sure if there was meat in it xD Thought it was mostly just peas and veggies at first
    • The curry itself is delicious though and very filling. VERY FILLING! I added a lot of chili powder and spicy oil to make it a bit more flavorful though

  • Make your curry fancy and add chicken katsu on top (additional $$). Kevin and I forgot to do this all 3 times T__T. We would have liked  a bit more meat.
  • The entire meal set is very filling, especially because of the curry and rice. I suggest you share the meal set with another friend.
    • if you share, you still only get 1 beanie from the 1 meal set.
    • but now, you can order additional beanies individually for $6!
      • then you and your friend can match!
  • If you don't like rice (like Kevin and I), you can substitute the Keema Curry with spaghetti noodles! It tasted so much better for me as noodles since I enjoyed it more!
  • The most decorated store is in Los Angeles on Sawtelle Blvd. That one is decked out in Gudetama
  • If you're only willing to stay within Orange County, go to the Cypress location. The Irvine one isn't decorated much :(

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