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CONFESSION | 5 Random Facts Since Everyone's Doing It

So there is this chain letter sort of thing going on among my Instagram buddies. Everyone is tagging each other to share 5 random facts about themselves. I didn't think I would get sucked into the chain letter myself, but @eatwithnorma tagged me so I guess I ended up sharing some facts too..
//Confessions of a Food Blogger is a tell-all series of what my life has been like as a food blogger. Check out the full list of posts here.//

Since I shared it on Instagram already, I thought I would also post it on the blog too! WOO! Because that's where many of my taste buds are at, and I'd like to share these facts with y'all just in case you ever a tiny inkling of curiosity. But don't expect too much because I am not that exciting.

So random fact numbaaaa 1! My name is seriously Hop! YES! I get so many questions all the time about my name. Is it really..."HOP".. ?!

I used to get teased about it. Classmate would often greet me with "IHOP" and then I would greet back, only to be teased again with a, "I didn't say hi to you, I was only saying ihop". LOLOL... my liiiiife ...

Aside from getting teased though, the majority of the time I get cool nicknames out of it. Many people would greet me with a HIP HOOOOOOP

I've had some other creative nicknames including:
Hoppywoppy, hoppywoppyburger, hoppercopter, hippity hoppity, just to name a few.

Anyway, I am proud of my name nonetheless because it's an easy one to remember for people. Especially since I like to make lasting impressions! *wink

Oh. And my name is actually a Vietnamese name, meaning "meeting" or "compatible". NOT "BOX"! The tone marks are different! This was probably the most annoying teasing I received from people who knew a spec of Vietnamese.

Aside from food blogging, I am a part time Piano Instructor! I teach privately to students of all ages! My youngest I've ever taught was 3 years old and the oldest was probably around 40 or 50! It is never too late to learn! 

I've been teaching for 8 years now and started learning since I was 7 years old! I guess you can say I am part of that typical - 
"if you're asian, you either learn violin or piano..."

I am a language nerd! I have always had a thing for learning languages and it comes easy for me somehow. It just... you know... clicks in my head

In elementary, one of my favorite topics in class was learning Spanish. I loved the Spanish language worksheets that taught me numbers and greetings. I also enjoyed watching Dora the Explorer! LOL!

I also tried teaching myself Chinese, but that didn't go well. I didn't realize that it was a more difficult concept than I originally perceived it to be. But I enjoyed watching NI HAO KAI LAN on PBS, basically the Chinese equivalent of Dora the Explorer!

I also even tried to learn Hawaiian from this friend I met from Neopets. Those were good times....

And to add to that list... I also self-taught myself French ( which sadly doesn't exist anymore), Korean (from friends, drama, KPOP, Luke Park's Guide, and TTMIK). 

I then went on to learn Japanese in college and studied abroad in Japan! And... I can read/write/speak Vietnamese too. 

If you also love languages... WE NEED TO TALK! LET'S BE FRANS.

I learned how to sew from my mom. She used to sew for work (it was hard and tedious work 😢) and I would help her sometimes. As a kid, it was really cool to be able to create my own accessories and clothing so I wanted to learn. I picked up some skills through observing her and trying it on my own. I've made quite a few pieces including shirts, pants, tote bags and more. I no longer sew these days but would love to get back to it in the future!

So many people thought @eatingwithhop on Instagram was me. BUT IT IS NOT ME Y'ALLS! I can totally understand the confusion since my blog name is "Eat With Hop" but if you actually look at the Instagram profile, why would I be so conceited to only post pics of myself taking pics of food. LOL 

People often messaged Kevin (@eatingwithhop), talking to him as if it's me.... 

And even worse... some people even think @eatingwitheatingwithhop is also me. LOL IT IS ACTUALLY KEVIN'S COUSIN, DANNY! LOL We give him our leftover food and sometimes take him to food events. But all of these accounts are definitely not me. It's still so funny to me though how people confused us all.


I hope you enjoyed my random facts you never asked for and learned a `lil sumtin sumtin about me. Maybe we have a few things in common? LET ME KNOW! 

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