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Dec. 9 - 10 | Zero Degrees Grand Opening in Norwalk - Offers BOGO Free on Selected Drinks

I am pretty disappointed that Zero Degrees in Westminster, the nearest location to me and original location too, has discontinued selling Italian Ice. That is what they were originally known for and they were pretty good at it. Now, the location only sells drinks and to me, drinks are okay. Some are pretty good but I don't know if its amazing enough to cost a whopping $5 for a regular size full of ice. T__T #sadness.

Anyway, rant aside, Zero Degrees is expanding so rapidly! The store is opening a new location in Norwalk this Saturday, December 9. And you know what that means? Grand opening special deals!

Photo Credit | Zero Degrees

So I was just reading their business profile "About Me" on Yelp. Apparently, Zero Degrees has completely changed. This is the quote:
Zero Degrees is delighted to be the game-changer of the beverage industry. We have become the leading provider to all sweet fanatics by offering a wide range of real fruit drinks, such as our signature Mangonada and mojitos. Our novelty split-cups allow you to enjoy two different drinks all in one cup in case you just can't decide on just one flavor! We also feature delicious snack selections such as our famous Hot Cheetos Elote to go with our flavorsome drinks. We strive to be the best by offering our unique and finest products.

Alright.... really !? Game-changer in beverage industry? You were actually an italian ice + custard shop to begin with... I guess they are changing their product + brand away from the ice cream stuff. Drinks are more profitable anyway, cheaper to make and easier to sell with better profits. Alright, I understand. But dang, I'll miss the ice cream from back then. I guess Zero Degrees is solely a drink place now ... 😱 !!

I am definitely interested in trying their elote and chicharones stuff though! Looks so dang good and great as snack food!

Buy 1 get 1 free on selected drinks (refer to the picture above for list of drinks offered)

*important: must check-in on Yelp to redeem offer

December 9 - 10, 2017

12209 Norwalk Blvd, Norwalk CA 90650



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