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Giveaway | Matcha Lover? The Matcha Churro Bowl By Nitrolado Is A Must-Try!

Record breaking heat waves seem to be happening every week. So how do y'all try to stay cool ?! There's an ice cream shop that I frequent called Nitrolado, which specializes in liquid nitrogen ice cream, made fresh, with an awesome "fog" or "vaping" effect from the dry ice! It just looks so cool!

Anyway, let's talk about their churro bowls.

Nitrolado is always trying to improve and take feedback from their customers. When they first launched their famous churro bowl featured on Insider Dessert, they offered a variety of flavors including red velvet, oreo (one of my faves), original (cinnamon), and of course... matcha!

But the flavor just wasn't quite there. Heck, it was still good but just missing a little.... more matcha.

And so it was back to the drawing board. And after a lot of R&D, Nitrolado has recently re-launched the Matcha flavored Churro Bowls back on the menu to satisfy that every matcha lover, especially the matcha snob within me!

When I heard about this... I was super excited! It went back on the menu on July 3rd, and I hope it will stay on the menu for a long time (forever please!) because this time... the comeback is even better than before.

I had to bring my friend Kaylee to Nitrolado, another fellow matcha lover! Just look at her concentration when taking pics of the cool smoking dessert! Btw, if anyone has been to the Tet Festival before, Kaylee won the TET Miss UVSA Pageant Miss Congeniality in 2015! Woo! So proud of my friend hehe.

My friends Lam and Kaylee enjoying their ice cream goodies and matcha churro bowl! Yummm!!






Just look at this churro bowl! OMGGGGGGG I wish I took a pic inside to show y'all but it is beautifully green inside and tastes even better!

The churro bowl has completely changed in texture compared to it's earlier stages. It is now thinner on the outside yet has that perfect crisp. The inside is hot and fluffy and soft! What a true churro should be like! And it's in a bowl shape!

I ordered my matcha churro bowl with green tea ice cream! So hidden under this "churro volcano" is green tea!

The first matcha churro bowl definitely did have matcha flavor. But it was sort of faint as you bite the inside. So overall, it was more like only the outside provided the sufficient flavor.

This time, the new and improved matcha churro bowl has a distinct strong matcha flavor even on the inside fluffy part! And... it's a bit bitter... but in an authentic enjoyable way.

So I invite y'all to try it yourself! Especially if you are a matcha fan like myself! Kevin hasn't tried it yet... but I am sure he will fall in love with it just as much as I did!

Address to Nitrolado:
10212 Westminster Ave #115, Garden Grove, CA 92843

💥G I V E A W A Y   T I M E !💥

I approve of the new Nitrolado Matcha Churro Bowl! And would like to give you, my awesome Taste Buds, a chance to give it a try for free for the July Monthly Giveaway! And while you're at it, try anything else you want for free too! Because I am giving away two $20 gift cards to Nitrolado!

Prize: $20 gift card to Nitrolado ! I am picking two (2) winners to each win a $20 gift card!

How To Enter:

1. (Required) Comment below this post answering these two questions:

  • Have you ever been to Nitrolado before?
  • What is your favorite type of matcha dessert if you have one? (Churros...? Ice cream? Cake? etc.!) I would love to know!

2. (Optional) Connect with Nitrolado on social media to stay updated! They've always got new flavors in the works!
3. (Optional) Connect with the Eat With Hop! Blog to stay updated (thanks for the support!)💕💕:
Giveaway contest ends July 31. Two (2) winners will be emailed the first week of August (check your spam email). 

*Note: By entering the giveaway, all participants agree to be subscribed on the weekly Eat With Hop! Newsletter. Don't worry, I won't spam! And y'all can unsubscribe anytime!

G O O D   L U C K   T A S T E   B U D S !

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