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June 10 | Grand Opening Of California Cookie Dough - Free Drink Giveaway

CALIFORNIA COOKIE DOUGH is having it's GRAND OPENING (again)! They already officially opened like... a few weeks ago. But decided to do another official one because this time they will have more stuff on the menu! 

They will be having cones and their cookie dough recipe is more established!

Photo Credit | California Cookie Dough

First 100 customers get a free drink of their choice in the glass bottle

June 10, 2017 (Saturday) starting at 7pm

I absolutely am obsessed with California Cookie Dough! It is so addicting and good and so nostalgic to be able to eat RAW COOKIE DOUGH without the risk of salmonella because this is EDIBLE with heat treated flour and without egg. And best of all, you don't have to eat these right away. You can take them home and bake them. Kevin and I baked the cookie dough and they tasted GREAT!

My favorite flavors ever are:
  • Andes Mint 
  • Movie Theatre Snacks
  • Matcha (legit yo)
  • Grey Matter (Oreo Cookies and chocolates)
  • Circus Animal Crackers
  • Chocolate Chip

  • MILK! They have milk on tap! And milk goes great with cookies...
  • Honey Lavender Milk Tea
They also have Thai Tea and Jasmine Tea as well! 

*Note: When it comes to edible cookie dough, California Cookie Dough (moist and soft) is way better than Birthdae Cake (like dry playdoh). If you are wondering about trying Birthdae Cake's edible cookie dough, there is no need. Just go to CA Cookie Dough since they have more flavors and options!

California Cookie Dough
18854 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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