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The Must-Try Hello Kitty x Afters Ice Cream Collab Is PURR-fect!

One of the most legit collabs ever is happening this entire summer for all the Hello Kitty fans!

Afters Ice Cream, famous for their Milky Bun, ice cream sandwiched between to donut halves, is collaborating with the one and only famous kitty, Hello Kitty. And it's a collab you must see for yourself if you are a true Hello Kitty fan!

I am not that much of a Hello Kitty fan (I am more of a  Gudetama and Tuxedo Sam fan) but because this collaboration is so extremely well done and ultra kawaii, I couldn't help it but to see it with my very own eyes!

It totally reminds me of the Hello Kitty cafes in Asia, where the entire store is decked out in Hello Kitty merchandise and decor and yummy treats. 

For this collab, Afters Ice Cream is releasing 2 new official exclusive Hello Kitty flavors:
  • Mama's Apple Pie
  • Yummy Strawberry Cheesecake (my personal fave)

Afters Ice Cream will also be selling cute Hello Kitty x Afters Ice Cream shirts too! Omg! I sort of want one.... !!

I love how the entire store is full on HELLO KITTY!! SO KAWAII!

HELLO KITTY will be there in person for y'all to take photos too! Fulfill your kitty dreams, meow!

I got to take a photo with Hello Kitty! YAY!!

Get a free shirt by being the first 100 customers to come to the event launch at the IRVINE AFTERS ICE CREAM on Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 7pm!

There are also exclusive ice cream cups that are specially Hello Kitty themed and designed! 

Alright, so it's cute and all, but what about the ice cream flavors?

Mama's Apple Pie

  • This is covered in big chunks of apple pie crumbs! 
  • Although I enjoyed this flavor, I felt like it was missing a little more ooomph
  • The chunks on the outside give it the "apple pie" texture and the flavor of the ice cream give it the sweet and sort of "apple jammy" flavor but I think if there was bits of jam within the ice cream, it would be much better. 
  • I think my main gripe with this is that there isn't much texture inside. Perhaps mix the apple pie crumbs within the ice cream so there is flavor in EVERY bite?
    • since it's only on the outside, a lot of chunks fell since it doesn't really stick to the ice cream and can fall off when you're trying to scoop it!
  • Overall, good flavor

Yummy Strawberry Cake

  • My fave! I love this one because there is definitely texture and flavor in every bite. 
  • It is super strawberry flavored! Not in a weird artificial way though but in a good ... fresh / natural way? Does that make sense? 
  • There are chunks of bits of cake mixed within this, which is why this flavor is the winner for me
    • texture in every bite? oooey goey cake? YUMM!
  • I recommend this flavor!


Event Launch: Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 7pm.
First 100 customers get a free shirt at the Irvine location (Diamond Jamboree)
Address:  2738 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606

Hello Kitty Collaboration:
Happening June 29 thru August 13, the exclusive Hello Kitty flavors will be available AT ALL Afters Ice Cream locations

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