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New Matcha Blueberry and Raspberry Drinks Are Addicting! @ Goc Ha Noi Corner - Garden Grove

Goc Ha Noi Corner located in Garden Grove has some brand new drinks! And they are quickly becoming my favorites! 

The new drinks are matcha, matcha blueberry and matcha raspberry!

These drinks are so addicting and delicious! Especially if you love matcha! I am really surprised by how they got the taste to be just right!


There are several other places that offer these types of drinks:

  • Cafe Dulce in Little Tokyo LA: Matcha Blueberry ($4 ish)
  • Midori Matcha in Little Tokyo LA: Matcha Blueberry ($4 to $5 ish)
  • 3 Blossoms Cafe in Garden Grove: Matcha Blueberry + Matcha Raspberry ($4 - $6 ish)
  • Harmony Tea Bar in Mission Viejo: Matcha Blueberry ($5 ish)
  • Birthdae Cake in Fountain Valley: Matcha Blueberry ($4-$5 ish)
    • I don't even recommend this place because they give you waaaaaaaaay too much ice! So if you go, remember to ask for easy ice. 
    • Taste wise, it's good and similar to other places.

Goc Ha Noi Corner probably sells it for the cheapest price: $3 - $4. 
  • $3.25 for small and $3.75 for large (or something like that LOL sorry my memory)

Goc Ha Noi Corner is definitely the most affordable ! And the drink itself is very very good and tastes very similar to 3 Blossoms. 

In comparison with Goc Ha Noi Corner compared to other places...
  • Similar sweetness with 3 Blossoms (for both raspberry and blueberry)
  • Less sweet than Cafe Dulce (Cafe Dulce tastes very sugary)

I have only tried the milk tea version of Goc Ha Noi Corner's matcha milk tea version so can't compare too much with Midori Matcha and Harmony Tea Bar, but they are overall very good.


Most people ask me whether or not this Ha Noi Corner is as good as 3 Blossoms (both in Garden Grove / Westminster ish area). Here is my verdict: It definitely tastes just as good! The only difference is that 3 Blossoms offers healthier options such as chia seeds as a topping, almond milk and soymilk. (But 3 Blossoms Cafe is way pricey... around $3.45 for small and $5.50 ish for large)


Goc Ha Noi Corner offers this new drink in 3 different ways:
  • just the tea itself (matcha, matcha blueberry, matcha raspberry)
  • sea salt cream (just the tea + sea salt cream on top)
  • milk tea (recommended)


I recommend the blueberry over the raspberry! The blueberry flavor is more obvious and gives a nice sweet berry taste with the matcha. The raspberry version is faint in flavor and I don't think it complements the matcha as well. 

Check out my previous review on this restaurant here.

They also have split cups! Check out the guide here.

Address to Goc Ha Noi Corner:
8516 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92844

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