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Calbee Gourmet Matcha Chips Has Me Addicted To Sweet And Savory

I found these Calbee potato chips drizzled with matcha sauce at a Japanese supermarket! It was Nijiya Supermarket in Little Tokyo but these chips can also be found at other supermarkets including Mitsuwa and Tokyo Central.

They are about $4 or so for medium/small bag that is mostly filled with air (sadness) but the few chips that it contained were absolute savory heaven! Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit here. These chips really grew on me. 

At first bite, I thought whoa this is salty

But then, the drizzles of matcha balanced it a bit with it's sweetness. 

Yum. I can get used to this

The flavor is called "Zeitaku Maccha" which is translates to something like gourmet matcha or luxury matcha. (Note: sometimes "matcha" is spelled "maccha" because that is closer to the japanese way of spelling it 抹茶・まっちゃ)Some chips have less matcha drizzle than others so some are saltier. Overall, it's a yummy salty and sweet combination!

Yumm! Are you wish you had these now?

These are quite expensive for a relatively small bag. But I definitely recommend it if you are a matcha fan! At least try it once and maybe you'll be hooked!

These Calbee Zeitaku Maccha Chips were specifically bought at the Nijiya Market in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles).

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