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Looking For Those Elote Covered In Hot Cheetos And Doritos? The Vox Kitchen In Fountain Valley Has It

So Swirl Fiesta, located in Riverside, has been blowing up recently because of their ingenius creation: Elote dipped in chips such as hot cheetos and doritos!

But it's all the way in Riverside... and many question the drive from Orange County to Riverside to be worth it. 

I recently found out about The Vox Kitchen (formerly Pango) and how they started selling these! 

I also discovered the another Mexican dessert shop to sell these Mexican Corn dipped chips too but I never wrote down the name and now it's forgotten...(why!!!)

Photo Credit | The Vox Kitchen IG)

I had to call The Vox Kitchen to make sure they still sell these since they advertise it as "daily special" in "limited quantities" and yadda yadda. Anyway, I called literally just a few minutes ago and YES THEY DO HAVE IT.

However, I wouldn't call it exactly like Mexican Corn or Elote at all... since it's more "Asian" with the fact that it (just by looking at the photo) doesn't have the typical mayo and cheese you'd get addicted from the Mexican Corn man. Also, it is roasted instead of steamed (just assuming from the pic here).


  • The Swirl Fiesta prices for the Elotes: $4.50
  • The Vox Kitchen price is $3
    • When I called, I specifically asked if it was $3 for the entire corn because when they used to be Pango (I suspect it's just a name change?! because menu is sorta smillar?!?), Pango used to sell "elote" with fancy schmancy sauces for like $5 and it's not even the entire corn. JUST HALF LOL LIKE SERIOUSLY WTHEK. #ihadtorant
  • Swirl Fiesta has mayo + butter + chips 
  • The Vox Kitchen ... idk , haven't tried it yet but if anyone has lemme know LOL

Ch-che-check it out!
→Check out The Vox Kitchen on IG
→Check out my full review on the famous Swirl Fiesta Elote

Address to The Vox Kitchen:
16161 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Okay, thaaaaaaat's it! For anyone looking for Mexican Corn dipped in chips but are too lazy to drive anywhere and just so happens to have that trustworthy Mexican Corn Man in the hood, go get your own chips and crush it and do it yourself! It'll probably taste the same ^_______^

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