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I Found Thai Tea Flavored Hong Kong Bubble Waffles! @ Frostbite I-Scream - Little Saigon

I was lured in by the buy 1 get 1 free banner sign posted in front of the new Frostbite  I-Scream dessert shop on Bolsa. 

They currently have a bogo free deal running until the end of March for their ice cream. 

When I spontaneously went in, I wasn't feeling any ice cream even though they boasted it as freshly made with liquid nitrogen (but I feel like that trend has already died now?! It's all about the rolled ice cream now). 

Anyway, I suspect that their liquid nitrogen ice cream is mostly syrup based anyway aside from their few fruit flavors that actually use real fruit.

But what did get my attention was the fact that they have BUBBLE WAFFLES ON THEIR MENU! Not just regular ones either, but flavored ones!

I thought it would be bogo free on the waffles but it wasn't. Bummer! Anyway, the waffles are $2 each so not too bad anyway. Kevin and I got the Thai Tea flavored one and Green Tea flavored one.

The name of their shop reminds me of Frostbites italian ice.

Pictured below is the display of their waffles. They have bubble waffles, waffle cones and waffle bowls.

They have plenty of liquid nitrogen machines!

Check out their menu!

They also have self-serve syrups and toppings! I don't get how the syrup works though... like the syrup bottles looks like it's meant for making the ice cream? Or maybe even Hawaiian shaved ice? I don't know....

But the bottle toppers are cute! They are cats! Sorta reminds me of the maneko cat erasers ....
*note: I just asked Kevin if he thinks they look like the cat erasers. He was like, " What? you didn't know? I thought you knew?...  I hope they clean them..." LOLOL Wow. No wonder! It looks exactly like that and the little hole on the bottom of the eraser is meant for topping pencils. But they are using it to top the bottles .. xD

They also have matcha powder in the self-serve section. I wouldn't really consider it matcha and I am pretty sure it is the Lollicup / Teazone matcha powder brand (which has corn fructose and overall too sweet for me). Anyway, either way I think it's pretty awesome that they put this out there for self-serve so we can put some matcha powder on ourselves. It's unique compared to other places.

Here are other toppings in their self-serve section.

Time to eat!

The Green Tea Bubble Waffle Review:
  • you barely taste any green tea flavor
  • basically tastes like a regular bubble waffle
  • could be crispier 
  • they probably use the same "matcha" green tea powder from lollicup/teazone to make their batter so the flavor isn't strong at all
  • wouldn't get this again
  • actually we just threw it away :(    
  • *sad times*
  • I think the matcha bubble waffle at Eggloo in New York is waaaaay better and they add toppings inside the bubbles too there!

The Thai Tea Bubble Waffle Review:
  • omg it actually tastes like thai tea!
  • would totally get this again!
  • ate all of this because I thought it was pretty good
  • could be crispier

Overall, I was very underwhelmed by the Green Tea. The Thai Tea was much more flavorful. They literally only have one bubble waffle machine so it took awhile since they could only make one waffle at a time... 

Customer service was friendly. It's a very new shop and I think it's a mom-pop kinda shop.

They have other flavors like cinnamon so maybe I'll try that next time!

Here is the address:
9842 Bolsa Ave, #B-100, Westminster, CA 92683

*In the same plaza as Zero Degrees and BeePop

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