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Thai Ice Cream Rolls & More @ Icy Cream Roll - Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley just became a whole lot cooler since Icy Cream Roll opened! They debuted their concept of the popular Thai Ice Cream Rolls paired with the Icy Breath Balls on Valentine's Day and is a must-try at least once!

Here is an inside look of Icy Cream Roll! Their logo has a bunch of ice cubes spelling out "ICY" and I realized why they designed that upon entering. Their chairs are also "ice cubes"! Okay, not literally, but they are cubes that light up at night! 


Here is what their menu looks like. Icy Cream Roll has a variety of ice cream flavors including the classic ones, exotic and daring ones! I personally ordered the maple bacon flavor and it was pretty good!

After you choose your flavor, you choose your toppings! One topping comes free with each order! I personally got crushed oreos because it goes well with everything!

Free Infuser Glass Bottles are included with every drink purchase!

The bottom part is detachable and perfect for squeezing juice!

It comes in either a yellow or white color band!

It is pretty entertaining to watch the staff make the ice cream, Thai-roll style!

The behind the scenes of these Instagrammers! Here is Morgan posing with the drinks while @EatWithAdrian is taking some photos for the `gram!

So Icy Cream Roll has a wall of post-it notes for customers to write positive messages. It's called the "Peace Wall" and I wrote my positive message as seen below... 

Aren't the drinks sooooo gorgeous? Not only do they look pretty but they actually taste very refreshing and deliciou too! They all come in these glass infuser bottles for around $6!

My blogger friend, @MissMissChelle also wrote on the wall! She decided to write an inspirational message, "Aspire to Inspire!"

This place is soooooooooooooo spacious compared to Rollin` Creamery a few miles away. Their high ceiling and mirror wall gives the illusion of a bigger space and I just feel more free and comfy to enjoy my ice cream! There is also plenty of seating, something that Rollin` Creamery lacks. 

In addition to that, the seating is LIT! LIT-TER-ALLY... LIT ! If you come during the evening time, these "ice cube" chairs light up in various colors and is perfect for that selfie of your dreams!

Oh, and their fake grass is an awesome touch. It adds indoor picnic vibes inside the store and I love it! They will be showing movie screenings from a projector in the near future too! This the next poppin` hangout spot I tell ya!

Pictured below is the Maple Bacon Thai Ice Cream Rolls! All orders come with the Icy Breath Balls (dragon breath) but you have to eat it quick or they will lose the "smoky breath" effect! I took so many photos so the smoke was gone already and I was left with bland "cheetos" / cereal balls.

This place is basically combining two very hyped up things and serving it in one cup: Thai Ice Cream rolls and Icy Breath.

This is the Matcha Green Tea Thai Ice Cream Rolls! It tastes more like a green tea latte (teazone / lollicup) flavor to me instead of a strong matcha. 

Pictured below is the Vietnamese Coffee Flavor! It was really strong!

Super fun to pose and take selfies with all my food bloggin` friends because of the huge mirror wall!

OMG!! They are also adding neon lights to this hallway that leads to the bathroom! Doesn't this remind you of Little Tokyo? They are hoping to finish it soon and it's calling my name for a photoshoot. I will go here again... just to take photos! LOL

Bon Appetit!

Icy Cream Roll is seriously gonna be a poppin` dessert shop! After my visit, I got so hyped up and already started making plans in my head for my next visit!

I was skeptical at first because I actually really like Rollin` Creamery. Now there is another Thai Ice Cream Roll place... in the same city?! Within like 10 minutes away of each other?! Hmm.. 

The location is sorta hidden. It's in the same plaza as Project Poke Co. and Albertsons and The Saigon Theatre, but it's actually all the way on the corner / side of the plaza near a jewelry store. Anyway, if you have been to Rollin` Creamery, you probably noticed that it's such a small and narrow store. Icy Cream Roll on the other hand, is very spacious with plenty of seating!

The seats are cubic and look like ice cubes! They also light up at night. 

They plan to show movie screenings in the future on their other wall. Guests can enjoy and relax on the grass or ice cubes while watching a movie! That's neat! I will be a returning customer just because of this.... I love hangout spots / concepts like this! Just places where you can pass time with your friends!

The prices are similar to other Thai Ice Cream Roll shops. Here is the breakdown for Icy Cream Roll:

Hand Rolled Ice Cream | $6.75 
- Includes 1 Free Topping and Icy Breath 

Drinks | $5.50
- Includes the glass infuser bottle

Icy Breath | $6

Ice Cream Flavors! Icy Breath has a variety of flavors that includes the classics, exotics and daring/weird flavors:
  • Oreo 
  • Strawberries
  • Vietnamese Coffee
  • Cinnamon Crunch
  • Chocolate Truffles Delight
  • Mister Durian - one of the most popular!
  • Matcha Green Tea 
  • Maple Bacon - they are very generous on the bacon!
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Sea Salt Caramel
  • Thai Tea

I am a matcha snob... and personally don't like the Icy Cream Roll matcha. I think it tastes almost exactly like the Matcha Green Tea drink from Lollicup / Teazone or any place that uses the Teazone brand powder. Basically, it's very sweet and milky. Still pretty good if you're into that! I personally enjoy the Matcha Cookies and Cream flavor from Rollin` Creamery more since it tastes more matcha, specifically like the matcha cream in the matcha oreo snacks.

Icy Breath is very gimmicky and I think instead of having it included with the order, we should have the option of whether or not we want half ice cream half icy breath or not. Why? I feel like they are justifying the high price of almost $7 by adding something cool such as "icy breath" which in reality is super cheap to make. It's just cereal puffs. You can get a huuuuuge cereal puff snack bag from any Korean supermarket. The size of the bag is probably as tall as me (okay maybe 3/4 my size and I am 5 feet). But really? And worst of all, they do not offer sauce for us to dip the icy breath in like Chocolate Chair. The Icy Breath is hellaaaaa bland and boring to eat without any smoke effect (don't wait too long to eat it if you wanna blow some smoke). 

Anyway, the ice cream itself is pretty good. Don't expect anything mind blowing though. It's still just ice cream but in roll form so expect it to taste like, yes, just ice cream. Once it melts the rolls just meld into each other and look like a clump of ice cream. It's fun to watch them make it though!

The drinks are fabulous! Very refreshing and you get a lot in that glass infuser bottle. Granted, I think they can charge a lot less if the glass infuser bottle wasn't a given.... like what if we don't want it? But at the very least, the bottle itself is useful and I don't mind collecting a few (unlike Roasting Water when their cork glass bottles became boring and wasteful). They do not have many options. If you take away the "fancy glitter" they basically just sell lemonade tea. This "fancy pizazz" is this special tea called "butterfly pea tea" that has a magical blue color naturally. It tastes floral and light. But aside from that it's all hype. We are all attracted to looks first after all, so these "butterfly pea" color changing teas are very hyped at the moment.

YES! I do recommend you going here because of the atmosphere and the ice cream is pretty good. 

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