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Forget Peppermint Or Winterfresh, It's All About Green Tea Fresh Breath!

You know those commercials where there is a guy that's checking out a cute girl and needs to pop a fresh mint real quick before approaching to holla? 

Sure, the fresh minty breath is gonna get him noticed. But imagine using GREEN TEA mints! A whiff of that ceremonial green tea will get that girl feeling like royalty. And will end up giving out her number and address in no time. Why? So the guy can go buy these addicting green tea mints and deliver it to her house.

HAH! What a story... but I gotta say that story probably won't work out.

I found these green tea infused mints from Trader Joe's so I haaaaaaad to try it! I LOVE GREEN TEA!

But these aren't exactly super fragrant like peppermint or those winterfresh breath mints that will have girls from miles away be able to whiff that. 

These are more like, well for me, candy! They are so good and creamy and I find myself poppin` 2 or 3 at a time.

So I would say these are more of a palette cleanser than a traditional breath mint that's meant to "freshen" up your breath.

And are they worth buying? TOTALLY YES! I was skeptical because it's green tea... at a non-Asian market but these are super good!

The green tea infused mints are not matcha flavored. So do not expect a strong matcha or bitter matcha flavor from these. It's not the same.

But the green tea flavor is very apparent. When I eat these, I think of Thrifty's Green Tea ice cream flavor! These mints are sorta creamy like that ice cream and the green tea sweetness and strength is similar to Gold Peak's sweetened green tea (which I love!!). 

You can find these by the registers at your local Trader Joe's!

If any of y'all know of any interesting green tea infused food or matcha infused food, LET ME KNOW! 

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