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So I'm Sorta Addicted To The New Naked Chicken Chalupa From Taco Bell...

Recently, Taco Bell just rolled out a new creation on their menu: The Naked Chicken Chalupa.

It's basically a chicken in a taco shell shape with lettuce, cheese and tomatoes and avocado ranch sauce. 

It's actually pretty darn good and filling. I was skeptical about the chicken because it's from a fast food joint. Like... is it gonna be some kinda pasty chicken? But nope. Even the chicken looks sorta.. well... legit! Instead of grinded up chicken in paste form and then shaped into a shell.... it looks like pounded chicken or something assuring!

This runs about $3 - $3.29 (depending on the location, prices vary) and one is enough to satisfy me. I'd probably need 2 to become full and call it a day though.

Another thing I noticed is that this isn't greasy... at all! It's actually light tasting especially with the veggies and cheese. You aren't ripped off with little meat either because the entire thing is chicken meat in every bite. Pretty genius. I approve!

I also like the avocado ranch sauce. It's refreshing and light as well!

Overall, I recommend y'all go try this because it's only going to be around for about 5 weeks!

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