You Can Now Find That Insta-Worthy Fish Ice Cream @ SomiSomi in KTown - LA

Look at what is about to swim straight to your stomach, with a mouthful of ice cream!

Photo Credit | @MaggieEats 
Follow Maggie on the Insta y'all! She's a fellow foodie friend of mine and has great taste in food!


SomiSomi has just recently opened in Koreatown LA serving up some delicious ice cream in fish-shaped bread! 

After reading some yelp reviews, I found out these run for around $6. Not too bad but still pricey. It's the novelty though! 

You can fill it with custard such as nutella or red bean! 

If you want ice cream, they have flavors such as green tea, milk tea and even milk! True milk? 

Alright, someone take me here because I needa take a pic xD LOL!

Address to SomiSomi:
621 S Western Ave
Ste 208-A
Los Angeles, CA 90005

SomiSomi on yelp: