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The Most Lickalicious Cupcakes Ever! @ Simply The Cupcake Store - Mission Viejo

Cupcakes baked fresh every single day. More than 20 flavors. More than just cupcakes. Just Simply, Cupcakes are are moist, flavorful and memorable!

Simply The Cupcake caters to events! They also deliver to shops that carry their cupcakes everyday

The inside is spacious for you to chill and eat cupcakes! They also serve drinks and sandwiches too!

Here is Kevin and the owner of Simply The Cupcake Store, Batu!

The S'MORES Cupcake with torched marshmallows! This was delicious and so moist! It also has graham crackers so definitely the s'mores flavor was legit.

Behold, the Oreo Cupcake!

The Vanilla Bean Cupcake! The cream on top is not too sweet and has crunchy crystals that make it so good!

My favorite, the S'MORES cupcake with torched marshmallows!

Some special Halloween cupcakes (#latepost) with a RIP tombstone on it. So cute!

This is the inside of the Oreo Cupcake. It was definitely a top fave for us because of how incredibly moist and chocolate-y it is (but not too much) and the oreo frosting / cream on top. SOOOO DELICIOUS!

I love my date days with Kevin. We usually go for dessert... muahaha!

Simply the Cupcake also serves tea! It's just Lipton though but they also have coffee and savory food like sandwiches!

Gudetama is dancing in excitement for cupcakes!


Kevin and I were invited by the owner, Batu, to try out his cupcake store! Everything was definitely Lickalicious! We got to try a variety of cupcakes and also hear his story. It was awesome getting to know the owner more and how it all started. And apparently he's also into KBBQ! Something we all have in common... !

Batu, the owner, is no stranger in the kitchen.

Born in 1991 October studied in University department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. During studying I always worked hard like after school, in my free time and saw thousands of kitchens. My education on culinary base is French and Italian cuisine. 

He even worked in a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant!

Before I came to California I was working in "Osteria Francescana" which has 3 Michelin Stars and now they are ranked as Worlds 1st Best Restaurant. 

He fell in love with California.

When I decided to come here I was thinking Orange County is going to be the best place to live so decided to work in St Regis Monarch Beach located in Dana Point. I came as a Chef De Partie position to Meat Station in Stonehill Tavern Restaurant.After a couple months I got my Chef de Tournant position and ended my career on 2015 October. 

Re-Branding a local cupcake store in Mission Viejo.

I found this spot and decided to buy it and my adventure started in January 2016 with a new face in The Cupcake Store (former name). A couple months later I started my own brand called "Simply The Cupcake Store. 

Commitment to fresh, everyday. 

didn't change a lot of things but one of my main focuses is to keep everything always fresh daily baked and daily frosted. I always tell my guests that you are paying and we are here to give you the best experience. Also we do have Breakfast bagels, sandwiches and paninis with a good selection of Organic Coffee types.

After tasting the cupcakes, I could truly tell that he doesn't joke around about keepin` it fresh! The cupcakes were so so moist and just right. Not too overly sweet and all the flavor is there. You can totally tell what flavor it is! And also, the oreo cream is so yummy!

My favorite was definitely the oreo cupcake and s'mores cupcake!

He also caters! He does wedding cakes too and birthdays!

His artistic skills are so creative.  

So this one time Kevin and I went to Pengo in Laguna Hills. It's this new boba shop that had a bogo free promo so we went. I saw some super dee duper adorable cupcakes that look like other things. A cupcake that looks like a burger, seashell, ice cream, cookie monster and more! I kept staring at it but was too full to buy it. IT WAS SO FREAKIN` KAWAII!

And you know who made those? BATU! I discovered that Pengo gets them kawaii af cupcakes from Simply the Cupcake store! Whoa!

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Address to Simply the Cupcake Store:
24002 Via Fabricante
Ste 401
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

(949) 855-6449

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