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Fish Ice Cream Is Now Available @ Crave - Garden Grove

Have you ever considered eating fish combined with delicious ice cream?!

all photos above are courtesy of Crave Boba Instagram

OMG EVERYONE! I love taiyaki ice cream a.k.a. ice cream stuffed inside a freshly baked carp / fish shaped bread!

Crave Boba, located in Garden Grove, has recently released a new item on the menu which is this taiyaki ice cream dessert! Actually, let's call it Bungeoppang (붕어빵) ice cream since the shop is Korean owned and that's the korean name for it!

Don't go here for drinks. Here's why:
I honestly don't recommend Crave Boba for any of their boba drinks, or drinks in general. Well, the sugarcane juice drink is probably good. But their typical drinks such as coffee, milk tea, jasmine tea, thai tea, etc. ... are not good. They are either too watery, too syrupy and fake tasting or too sweet. I've been to Crave Boba so many times (decent study spot) and every time I get a drink I am dissatisfied.

Their Acai Bowl was pretty darn good though.
So one time, I was extremely craving an acai bowl. Crave Boba was the only place that was close enough to me and actually opened early / late that offered acai bowls. So, I had to try it here to satisfy my craving! The bowl itself was about $7 ish for a decent sized (medium ? ) acai bowl with lots of fruits and toppings such as bee pollen and granola and bananas and stuff! The acai puree itself was a good thick consistency too.  I was quite impressed since they don't specialize in acai bowls. 

*side note: I also craved it again and tried the acai bowl from Boba Loca. Not good. Go to Crave instead if you are lazy and just wanna stay on Garden Grove Blvd. 

Even though I don't like their drinks, I have high hopes for their dessert. Especially, this Bungeoppang Ice Cream (Fish-Shaped Bread filled with Ice Cream)!
Their desserts honestly look decent on their instagram. I haven't tried much but I'm sure it would be way better than their drinks. Especially since I already had a good first impression of their acai bowl! And plus, they offer matcha soft serve and black sesame soft serve to go with their fish! Or you can get just the soft serve ice cream itself!

Has anyone tried this? I hope to try it soon!


Stay Connected with Crave:

Address to Crave:
8939 W Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844

*Same plaza as H-Mart and Paris Baguette and Kaju Tofu

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