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So We Finally Tried the Pumpkin Cotton Candy From Snow Monster

Is it Trump? No, it's Pumpkin flavored cotton candy now available for a limited time at Snow Monster!

Loving their grassy wall and awesome caligraphy art!

Came here with other fellow food bloggers and ended up getting a lot of sweets... for breakfast!

I visited Snow Monster in Westminster (their OG location) with some fellow foodies Stephanie of @SweetswithSteph and Michelle of @JustFoodLife!  We had a great time being the first customers at Snow Monster since we came right at opening. Funny thing was Stephanie thought they forgot to unlock the door so we were just standing awkwardly outside for a few minutes. But it was actually open...and unlocked... hah!

We all ordered the cotton candy! 

Stephanie ordered the Honey Milk Tea drink with Boba! She brought back her light bulb bottle to get her drink at a refill price and also to re-use the bottle itself. She also got some Pumpkin Cotton Candy wrapped around her drink!

I wasn't in the mood for any boba drink so I ended up getting a scoop of Horchata Ice Cream and a cloud of Pumpkin Cotton Cady around that! Toppings come free with the cloud so I got some Fruity Pebbles on top of it.

Michelle has never been to Snow Monster before. I guess we popped her Snow Monster cherry! ^__^ She ordered a Strawberry Lemonade and Oreo stuffedd Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich with Strawberry Ice Cream! 

All of these were YUM!! 

Apparently, they don't have split cups any longer at any store. They discontinued the split cups since Crave Boba in Garden Grove started selling them and they didn't wanna copy.... but in my opinion the Crave Boba's drinks aren't very good... OKAY ANYWAY. 

They also no longer currently sell the Strawberry Matcha drink. NOooOooOooO!

It was actually...really good! I have a huge sweet tooth and love cotton candy! The super orange-y parts really did taste like pumpkin spice! The more... lighter parts had a faint flavor to it. Overall, it was delicious and I think they definitely nailed it on the cotton candy!

The Pumpkin Cotton Candy is currently available for a limited time until sold out at all stores. 

Snow Monster Address to OG Location:
9600 Bolsa Ave G, Westminster, CA 92683

For more info, visit their website:

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