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Calling All Vampires and Other Blood Suckers, Nitrolado in Garden Grove Will Quench Your Thirst

When it becomes dark, I get a bit bloodthirsty. Don't tell anyone since I like to keep it a secret. But I love blood. The humans call those types of people ...vampires??

I had sooooooooo much fun dressing up as a vampire! I love Halloween and it's basically the time of the year when I can find that excuse to dress up a bit crazily. 

Got myself some fangs from Party City and let's just say they weren't the most comfortable...  I had a hard time closing my mouth and was spoke as if I was a braceface.

Kevin's favorite manga involves a vampire...

The labeling on this blood pouch is so funny! It has check boxes for you to check off your blood type!

Do I look scary enough ...?

NITROLADO is now serving blood. 
So all you blood suckers need not be embarassed. Blood now comes in these cute IV pouches so y'all can drink all while being civilized.

Okay, just kidding. 
This isn't blood but it sure is fun pretending it is for Halloween, right? These "IV pouches" are filled with Strawberry Rose Tea which is one of the most popular drinks at Nitrolado! 

Only available until Halloween!

Halloween Promo: 
Oct. 28 - 30, all spooky creatures and monsters that come out (dressed in costume!) shall receive menu items at a BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF discount!

Check out their Instagram for more ice cream porn!

Address to Nitrolado:
 10212 Westminster Ave #115, Garden Grove, CA 92843

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