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Why You Need to Come Early For Homemade Ice Cream @ Kansha Creamery - Gardena

Known as one of the must-try ice cream shops for good reason, Kansha Creamery sells homemade all natural ice cream! 

Caramel and Oatmeal cookies + Lupicia Select Matcha Ice Cream

When Seiya and I visited at around the early afternoon, they had already sold out of strawberry... something.... Cannot make out the sign!

It's awesome that this place donates 50 cents to every item sold! All tips are also donated to charity! So far, from the time I visited which was in March of 2016, Kansha Creamery has already raised 50261.19 in donations!

Limited amount of indoor seating

Of course, I had to get the matcha flavor!

Kansha Creamery has been on my list to go to for awhile because they offer Matcha Parfaits! Unfortunately, the day I went I was way too full to get that and instead ordered a scoop of matcha ice cream.

I also took my friend Seiya from Japan here and he got the Mr. Universal flavor which is oatmeal cookie caramel flavored ice cream! That flavor was super yummy too and I kinda wish I had more of that, secretly...

So every time I am in the area, I'd be sorta hesitant to come here because I heard a lot of reviewers on Yelp say that the store closes when they sell out of ice cream, which apparently happens very often. They usually close at aroudn 7 or 8pm because their ice cream sells out fast! What? If not, their hours open until 10pm. But still! It's way too risky to come here and find out it's closed.

This time though, since Seiya and I was in the area in the daytime, we went probably around 3ish pm and one of the flavors was already sold out. Whaaaaaaat. Luckily, I got to try my Matcha which was what I came there for.

Next time I shall get the Matcha Parfait because that's what I really want! And there's not many places nearby in LA/OC that sells Matcha Parfaits so this is the spot!

They always update their flavors via Facebook and Instagram! I noticed there is an Earl Grey with Peppermint Chip flavor? OMG SOUNDS SO DREAMY!

Any Taste Buds reading this know Japanese? You'll probably know that "Kansha" means gratitude in Japanese! The owners of the store are from Japan and it was cool that Seiya and them spoke in Japanese (my chance for listening practice!) ! I think the name definitely fits their store model because they donate 50 cents of every item sold to charity. Even their tips are donated to end human trafficking. So every time you buy from here, you are donating!

One scoop actually is smaller than what I am used to. They don't really scoop gigantic balls of ice cream.... but it's a decent sized for $3.75. And it's quality and homemade so that's a plus!

Side Story: So Seiya and I were trying .... well I was trying to speak in Japanese to practice. And I was speaking more... Japenglish. Then there is this white dude at the table next to us that asks if Seiya is from Japan or not. He then busts out in fluent Japanese and talks to Seiya like it's no big deal. According to his mom who I ended up talking English...that guy was fascinated with Japanese culture and just started learning the language and stuff. He also studied abroad too. And also, he is so fluent that I was absolutely impressed as well as totally inspired to step up my game. I'm gonna be fluent like that guy one day in Japanese! I know I can do it!

Like I said, Kansha Creamery sells out quick! They only offer 5 flavors a day. Their ice cream is made daily 5 days a week ( they closed on Sundays and Wednesdays) so no wonder they sell out! Limited batches and quantities! But seriously, that's why the flavors are yummy and milky! If y'all try it, I recommend getting here before 6pm at least. But just to be safe call the store beforehand to make sure that they are still open.


The Matcha here is made from the matcha powder sold at Lupicia (located inside Mitsuwa Market). I found their Matcha ice cream to be more on the creamier, milky side. It wasn't exactly my cup of tea but it was still good. Basically, it's more tea-y... than Thrifty's Green Tea flavor but still milky like Thifty's version.

Stay Connected with Kansha:
Website | Instagram

Address to Kansha Creamery:
90248, 18515 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90248

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