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Matcha Choco Pie is One of the Bests Things Ever to Exist!

We've all had Choco Pie right? The totally not guilt-free snack that makes us want more and more. Or is that just me... ?

Well, I could for sure eat Choco Pie for days. But when I heard there is a Matcha flavored version? GIMME GIMME!

These packages contain 6 choco pies!

Yummmm! Just look at the super green center!

So I love all things matcha. So matcha. Seriously. And when I went to Japan last summer and discovered a matcha cake (I had mistaken it for choco-pie but it was actually a totally different brand but similar packaging) I fell in love and ended up buying an entire box to mail home to CA. No regrets. Actually, tons of regrets. Why didn't I buy more?!

After giving most of my deluxe matcha cake (what I had mistaken for as choco pie) to my friends when I returned to CA, I devoured the few that was left over but kept wanting more. Every time another friend said they were traveling to Japan I would think of bugging them to find these (they were actually rare to see in Japan).

But luckily, I have Kevin! And apparently, he is all I  need (okay, don't throw up too much from this mushiness).

For my birthday, he surprised me with a few boxes of Matcha Choco Pie! What a treat! These aren't the same as the other ones but they were just as good. Actually, they tasted even better because Kevin got them for me!

The Matcha Choco Pie is super soft and marshmallow-y in the inside with a burst of green tea flavors in each bite. What else could I ask for? These were absolutely perfect!

Kevin had to order them and have them shipped from Japan. That's legit.Unfortunately, you can't really find them anywhere here. Not even at the Japanese supermarkets.

So if you ever do find Matcha Choco Pie and you love matcha, I absolutely recommend it! Hoard it! Sell it on ebay! Seriously, where can I find these in CA ?!


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