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Hey Summer, You've Been Good to Me. I Will Miss You Soon!

Watermelon weather. Seriously.

I'll be missing the season of freedom. The season of watermelon. The season of bonfires and s'mores!

This past summer has gone by too quickly. I really kind of let myself go a bit. I got sort of lazy. Sort of not. I did some stuff and sort of didn't. I just kinda, went with the flow most of the time and relaxed.

This summer was intense! I was fortunate enough to be invited to more media tastings than ever before and got to meet a lot of cool new foodies! I got to try a lot of food for "Free". Why the block quotes? Well, it's technically not free since I have to help promote what I am eating for "free" via a post on the blog or my Instagram.

Anyway, so I got to try more restaurants and meet new friends. It was great! And it was also overwhelming. Frankly, it's hard to remember people's actual names. I barely remember their Instagram handles because it's hard to put a face to a username when most of the photos don't have their faces.

This summer was hot. Super hot. But that's why ice cream was invented right? Oh and I took advantage of the season to eat all the watermelon I could. So yums!

I think where I want this blog to go is towards a more personal direction. I don't even know how I will categorize this post but for now it'll be under the Miscellaneous category. Also in the "Random Ramblings and Etc. in the menu navigation bar.

The most frequently asked question of this summer was basically, "Do you ever write negative reviews if you're compensated for it?". The answer is yes. YES ABSOLUTELY YES.  Now I do tend to write negatively in a more positive way (so some reading between the lines is necessary) if the food was given for free or with a discount. But, I hate it when people are fake. Like, I don't wanna be like that, so I won't be fake. If it's not good then it's not good.

I hate it when all those food promoters on the gram or social media praise something so much just because they were paid for it someway or the other and then it's so hyped up. But in actuality, it's not even up to par. All hype. Food that is all hype. Example? Ujelly in Fountain Valley. I saw it blow up my newsfeed with comments of people saying it is the shit that everyone needs to try it. Unfortunately, it was alllllllllll hyyyyyyyyyyype. That place is a great example of how products should not only be made for the gram, but made for the taste buds too.

Okay, I digress. But I'm going to turn this blog into a more personal direction. I am gonna post stuff that I myself, as a reader would want to know about aside from plain `ole food reviews. I've got some ideas up my sleeve already! So, hope you're as excited as I am!

Stay Hungry! Not just for food, but for success and opportunity and creativity and more more more! #GoalDigger

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