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Here is Kevin typing away. He looks so focused...

This is such a great spot to study and do work!
By the way, do you like my macaron pencil case on the bottom right? Isn't it cute? It makes me crave macarons whenever I use it! Ah!!

This is the Hojicha with Sea Cream!

A few weeks ago Kevin and I came here to study! Well it was more like I just did some blogging research and he was helping a friend with excel.

Anyway, I've been going to Bloomz Tea more frequently and I gotta say, it never does me wrong! I love this place and glad they are finally doing frequent stamp cards because now I can get a free drink after every 10th purchase!

I think this boba shop is a great place to study. They have free wi-fi and also plentiful space to study in. There are many outlets for you to plug your laptop in as well as comfy sofas and chairs and tables to study on! The store itself has a high-rise ceiling so you won't feel claustrophobic! It's very bright and lit up here!

The prices aren't too bad either! They range from $4 ish to $5 ish which is pretty standard these days for high quality tea drinks! You can say no to artificial powder here!

Don't know what to get? Here are some of my recommendations:

  • Assam Toffee Milk Tea: tastes like toffee candy. Very creamy and delicious!
  • Hojicha Tea with Sea Salt Cream: I love roasted tea so this definitely hits the spot. I also love salty so combined THIS IS PERF! This is my current favorite!
  • High Mountain Oolong: if you like oolong, go for it!
All the teas here you can get as just tea or as a milk tea. They have recommendations too for if it's better with milk or without!

They have other choices than just boba like egg pudding and jellies!

View my previous post about this place! I've got more photos and the menu here:


Bloomz Tea
8532 Westminster Ave, Westminster, CA 92683
*Intersection of Westminster / Newland
*Same plaza as Stater Bros

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