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I would like to introduce a new series called Meet My Taste Buds where I introduce to y'all all of the awesome friends that deal with my random late night cravings, spontaneous foodventures, food rants that they probably could care less about but still listen to and just so much more. These are my Taste Buds, buddies who are willing to go out of their way or to make time to feast with me and try new things with me. Y'all the real MVPs! 

This weekend is a very special weekend. It is Cindy's birthday weekend! Happy birthday to my wonderful taste bud CINDY! August 26, everyone. Remember that! I hope Cindy has been standing on chairs, eating the best of life and just having the best of time sin Boston! I am missing this girl! Foodie party when you come back? Alright, Cindy? ^___^

And of course, to celebrate this very special weekend, I have to show off to everybody this awesome chick that can probably eat more than most people! She is a beast! And that's why I would like to introduce y'all to Cindy! A.k.a. @MishxCindy on the `gram.

Before Cindy left to pursue her dreams in Boston (see you soon, Doctor Yang), I was lucky enough that she spared some time for me to hang out. Because, she's just too insta-famous ya know. ^____^

Aside from taking aesthetic-pleasing aerial shots of food and professionally re-arranging food flat-lays, Cindy apparently has some of the best writing I've seen. Such nice and neat writing!

Hey, Cindy. I miss eating with you and taking pics of food with you already. Don't make me too hungry while you're in Boston! Your Boston foodporn has been making me drool lately!

If you wanna drool along with me, follow Cindy on Instagram at @MishxCindy !

This place called Pizza 90 has such great lighting. And so, I think we look pretty damn good too in this pic. 

Cindy organized an influencer event at Pizza 90 and I am just so proud of her! The event turned out great and we all had so much fun stuffing our faces!

We also played Pokemon GO afterwards!

And of course, I had to invite Cindy to my event at Nitrolado! She was like literally the first one that came to the event and helped keep me company. Thank youuuuuuuuuu <3

We took a lot of pics. And stuffed ourselves with too much ice cream. But it was just so incredibly fun and I'm glad to have had you there!

Thanks for making the event so much better with your presence!

Ever wondered how she takes photos? 




That's the secret. 

feat. @FoodFanatic Claudia

And if she doesn't stand on chairs, no problem. 

She'll just find a way somehow to get that shot. She always finds a way.


How did we even meet in the first place? A foodie hangout of course!

Some other foodie friends of mine decided to set up a hangout. It was about a group of 5 people. We decided to go to Banh Cuon Tay Ho in Westminster. I hadn't met many other foodies at the time so really didn't know what to expect. 

When I met Cindy I had already knew that her all her insta photos had a common theme: aerial shots.

At the scene a.k.a. dining table, she was also nicknamed Aerial (although I actually envisioned the Little Mermaid when I heard it).

I took a few photos of the food and was done. As foodies though, you gotta know how to be patient. Let everyone take their food photos first before eating. 

And when Cindy pulled out that chair, I knew what was gonna happen, somehow. She proceeded to stand on that chair, like a boss. Like nobody's business because getting that shot is priority.

Haha! What a funny first impression. That's when you know you are meeting a true foodie photographer. ^____^

After getting familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, we all went to Zero Degrees for dessert and played card games! A bit shy at first, I opened myself up more trying to learn these card games. Cindy was super pro at BullSh*t and whatever else we played. Her friendly personality left me feeling at ease. I'm glad I went to this hangout. I got to meet such awesome people!

Somehow, we became closer friends. Not only did we eat together, but we competed with each other. I introduced her to GogoBot and she beat me to become #1 in Orange County for a month. Dayyym gurrrrrrrl. You go! 

We had late night chats about the most randomest things. About some strange people we've met. And about life. I was surprised she stays up so late!

It is such a pleasure to be able to call you my Taste Bud, Cindy. Have a blast in Boston. Study hard. And let's hang out again when you come back to SoCal! <3

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