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Milk and T is the World's First Self-Serve Boba Truck and it's worth multiple tries. 
This truck is the ishhh. Like take all my money!

I love their drink names. So creative and unique! Did I mention it's self-serve??!!

Oh look! It's their boba truck! I love their Milk + T logo!
And they have a cute new drink called Lady Bug! Well actually this was a few months ago. Not sure if they still have it but Strawberry + Watermelon + Black Tea sure does sound amazing!

Simple and straightforward menu. No confusion here! It's cool that they offer adding ice cream to your drink! Tea floats are yummy!

This boba truck is #RunByWoman. Love all the #BossLadies out there! Do your thing ladies! 

Kevin and I were super lucky that we were the 2nd group in line. Milk + T is quite a popular truck. The line grew so quickly but of course, that's no surprise. The tea served here is high quality and delicious! Love how they even make their own fruit syrups for the drinks!

Toppings Galore! Here is the toppings / add-ons station where you self-serve all the add-ons you could ever want in your drink. 

I personally added a whole bunch of watermelon chunks. Like... it's so fancy here that they even have watermelon sliced up for ya outside for you to get as much as you please! 

And they have so many other interesting add-ons. 
So different.
But a good kind of different!

Also, I love how you can adjust the sweetness level. I went for the  "Less" (75%) sweetness level!

So when I saw this huge container of boba, I just wanted to dump it all in my drink...
But... that would be too unhealthy! 

Anyway, even though it's kept in this container the boba isn't hard or anything. Still perfectly soft and chewy. How do they do it?!

Always serving with a smile. This truck makes me happy. ^___^

Kevin and I visited the boba truck Milk + T on our 1 year anniversary! This was such a great treat for our LA Adventure date! We brought our Gudetama Puttito (edge of cup figurines) to play around with and had all the Gudetama buddies hang around the Milk + T jars. I think they wanted to sip some of our drinks too... 

I got Watermelon Black Tea which was refreshing and delish! I honestly don't remember what Kevin got but I think it was Mango flavored Green Tea. (?!?!)

Picture perfect drinks in picture perfect bottles!

Yum! Thanks for making such delicious drinks! ^__^

The Worlds First Self-Serve Boba Truck is here, and it goes by the name of Milk + T!

This boba truck actually lets its customers self-serve their toppings / add-ons to their desire. I went a bit crazy and got a lot of watermelon cubes!! They have a variety of toppings and the entire display looked very clean and fresh! If any is running low, don't hesitate to ask the staff to refill it!

Since the owners are tea enthusiasts themselves, they don't joke around with tea. They use high quality teas and and real sugar and even make their own fruit syrups. They strive to be totally real with their customers. To achieve that, they are transparent about what goes in the drinks. Got questions about it? Just ask them!

I love that they don't use any of that fake junk. No artificial syrups or sugars or tea. And Kevin and I were definitely able to taste the difference. I was delightfully surprised that the drink didn't leave a "Sticky" aftertaste, something not uncommon with all-natural ingredients.

This truck travels around Los Angeles (both downtown and the greater Los Angeles area like the 626) but I wish it would drive down to Orange County. We need something like this around!

Customer service is great here! Ordering is simple. Just pick which tea and then build your topping empire! They offer glass bottles but you can get it in a regular plastic cup too. Glass bottle is cool though!

I ordered the Watermelon Black Tea and got some random fruity toppings inside including watermelon cubes. Kevin got...Mango Green Tea I think ?? Both drinks tasted really good and refreshing! Perfect for summer! Which just happens to be all the time in South California...

Kevin and I felt like celebrities holding these drinks around as we walked around Little Tokyo. Literally as we were walking and sippin` on our yummy dranks down the street people would ask us where we got it everywhere we turned. LIKE OMG. I felt so cool! So many strangers approached us and asked!

The truck is popular though so that means there is a line! But it should move fast since it's self-serve!

If you're ever in Los Angeles, give this boba truck a try! I usually see them in Little Tokyo but they've got a schedule of locations on their website!

You can find their truck schedule on their official website with last minute updates via their twitter.

Get #BobaWasted with their Instagram pics too!

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