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I've tried a lot of assembly-line type pizza places such as Pizza Rev, Blaze and Pieology. Pizza 90 has definitely become a top favorite compared to others!

That red sauce is particularly satisfying. I don't know why, but it tastes so much better than the other red sauces from Blaze and Pieology and etc.! 

I also got the Pesto sauce. This is the first place I've seen that has it as a base sauce. I'm in love with anything pesto...

Thinking of the getting the pepperoni? Don't be basic. GET THE SORPRESSATA. It's got the perfect spice that will make your pizza so much better. I loved it!

By the way, they have Buffalo Mozzarella. Both mozzarella cheeses are fresh but the Buffalo is a must-try!

We also added the Prosciutto Di Parma. It's only $2 more. Splurge a little. ^__^

omgahhhhhh they have wine here if you love wine!

Their oven is no joke. Imported straight from Italy, this specific oven is one of the kind with only quantities made in the world each year.

Pizza 90 also uses woodfire to cook the pizzas. Unlike other places that use gas (which you could taste in the pizza...ew!), the woodfire here allows you to fully enjoy your pizza with a nice smokey flavor without the weird gas after-taste.

They use white oak wood because it's able to create the perfect temperature to cook your pizza in precisely 90 seconds at 900 degrees. It's truly an art form

For all you alcoholics, they've got alcohol + pizza deals!

Don't know what to hashtag? The wall can help...

THEY HAVE CRAFT BEERS ON TAP! They will also be doing Tap Takeover events and the last two on the right will be changing to keep things fresh and exciting! So if you're a beer + pizza lover... I recommend it!

It is summer time and that means the season to make s'mores. Pizza 90 got the memo and created the S'mores Calzone for their menu. To still get that Graham Cracker taste, they add cookie butter! Yes! I could eat an entire tub of cookie butter and I think the calzone is perfect to get yourself feeling summer!

Did I mention there's also nutella on that?

Freshly made S'mores calzone! There's cookie butter and nutella on it too!

Kevin and I went a bit crazy and got 3 pizzas for ourselves... no big deal...


When I first walked in here I thought, it's just another pizza place like Blaze. But boy was I wrong! This place actually makes their own Pizza dough in-house. You can literally watch the show everyday during the early opening hours. You can watch them hand toss it and they are even kid friendly because the staff might even give any spectating kids some dough to play with! 

Also, the cheese is fresh. I love my cheese, especially when they have fresh buffalo cheese.. Most of y'all probably eat just normal cow cheese... but here, they've got options!

I loved how Kevin and I felt so welcome in here! The customer service is on point and they are glad to answer all my questions and helped with the menu.

They have their own creations if you don't know what to choose such as a Margherita Pizza or Hawaiian one. Kevin and I got the Hawaiian and also custom-made a pizza each. We also got the S'mores Calzone which was nothing short of amazing. I love S'mores anything!

So let's talk about what we ordered:

Royal Hawaiian Pizza:
  • Fior Di-Latte Mozzarella
  • San Marzano Sauce
  • Pineapple + Jalapenos
  • Italian Ham
You can't really go wrong with Hawaiian pizza. Unless you hate pineapples on pizza...I know some friends who do... I really enjoyed this pizza especially because I think I fell in love with their red sauce. The red sauce at Pizza 90 mixes really well with the cheese and makes a nice orange-y color and the taste is... divine

My Custom Pizza with a Pesto Sauce Base:
I'm not sure exactly what I put on mine..because I put a lot. I mean.. when you can put an unlimited amount it's best to go crazy, right? What I do remember for sure is:
  • Pesto Sauce
  • Sorpressata (like a Spicier and better Pepperoni) 
  • Pepperoni
  • Fresh Buffalo Cheese (extra $2)
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Basil
  • and more...
So actually Pesto anything is a winner to me. Pizza 90 is the first customize-able pizza restaurant that even offers Pesto as a base sauce for your pizza that I've been to. All the other spots like Blaze and Pieology only offer Pesto sauce to drizzle on top at the end. The pizzas end up tasting very different. 

We had leftovers and gave it to Kevin's friend who happened to choose my pizza as his favorite (I swear I didn't bribe his opinion...) because it's just so unique! I mean.. Pesto Pizza!? That sounds amazing! 

Kevin's Custom Pizza with Red Sauce as Base:
  • Sorpressata 
  • Red Chilis
  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Cheese (forgot which one...)
  • and more...
I personally liked Kevin's custom pizza more. I don't know why... but because I'm basically in love with the red sauce and his was red sauced based...the pizza tasted so good! It's like a bit spicy and sweet and ... just different than all the other places. Pesto is still cool though.

Oh, and sorpressata. I totally recommend you getting Sorpressata! 

S'mores Calzone
I thought this could have been a bit crunchier. Maybe they can cook it a bit longer? I don't know. But aside from that it was ooey gooey good. It's drizzled with nutella sauce on top and inside there are marshmallows, chocolate and most importantly cookie butter to give a bit of that Graham Cracker taste. I'm glad they thought about the Graham Crackers because most places think they know how to make a S'mores dessert but end up forgetting the crucial Graham Crackers flavor!

My parents ate it as leftovers and liked it!

Everything is cooked inside an oven with wood fire in 90 seconds in 900 degrees. That's definitely different and unique! Most places use gas so you may notice a gas flavor in the pizza. Wood fire makes it taste smoky good in my opinion. Oh, and it's not just any kind of wood fire. It's white oak wood fire. They do change it up to almond wood fire in the winter because of the way it heats up!

The pizza here actually have a crust: If you haven't noticed already, the pizzas at other assembly-line custom pizza parlors usually don't have crusts. It's because they use a machine where they literally "stamp" the dough to flatten it thus leaving no actual indent for a crust to form! But, since Pizza 90 hand toss their pizzas they are able to create the crust without the limitations of a machine. 

Price is comparable to other competitors but for better quality. So actually, the prices here aren't much different! It's $8.99 which is probably like 50 cents more than Pieology and Blaze but for good reason. They don't use a machine to flatten their pizza dough like others. Pizza 90 actually hand toss their dough and make them fresh every day. That's worth the extra few cents. Their topping choices are also different. I mean...Pesto Pizza? Count me in! There are also alcohol deals too here!

Pizza 90 strives to give you an authentic Neapolitan Pizza experience that one would most like experience in Naples,Italy. So yea, it's not your average pizza parlor. I recommend it!

Remember I mentioned Alcohol? Pizza 90 will be hosting it's first ever "Tap Takeover" event on July 21 @ 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm so y'all can get your booze here! A live band from Orange County called "The Terra's" will be performing too! Also, there will be raffles and prizes such as a home-brew kit, gift card, and glasses and more. Sounds like a fun event!

Can't wait to go back! ^__^

Pizza 90 
Irvine Address:
5365 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604 
*In the same plaza as Ralphs!

Riverside Address:
1298 Tyler St, Riverside, CA 92503
*Galleria at Tyler


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