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Nguyen's Kitchen
Address: 445 S Main St, Orange, CA 92868
*Next to Choc Hospital!

So I opened up a restaurant and named it after my family name....


I am sure half the world can say the same since there are so many Nguyens!

The parking can get crowded during peak times.  A lot of workers from the hospital walk over here so it's definitely crowded during lunch with long lines!

This is the inside of the place. You can see them grill the meat fresh in front of you. It's a quick fast service restaurant that delivers great quality food!

I am honestly so impressed by the menu and pricing here at Nguyen's Kitchen! This bulgogi beef garlic noodles was about $8 including tax and it tastes amazing. The garlic noodles are definitely gonna leave you smelling so garlic-y that you'll probably kill some vampires with your breath.

I totally recommend getting the house special spicy Jalapeno sauce. It goes great with these garlic noodles. Don't be scared to just dump it all over and mix it!

 Do you even lift? My friend Danny here lifts noodles for the perfect photo!

Pictured below is the Crawfish Pasta. IT IS SO GOOD! I love the Cajun style sauce that comes with it!

There are pieces of whole crawfish here and lots of sausages! 

My friend Danny and I went to Nguyen's Kitchen today in Orange and were so glad we chose this place as our lunch spot! It's been on our radar for awhile now and it deserves a lot of praise I think.

The menu is modern but keeps it simple with Vietnamese favorites such as Banh Mi and Garlic Noodles as well as Popcorn Chicken and Cajun Fries. They have drinks like Thai Tea and Orange Juice too!

Pricing is GREAT! The pasta / noodles range from $6-$9 including tax. INCLUDING TAX Y'ALL! Omg and the portions are just perfect. You won't feel super bloated and hate yourself. Instead, you'll be completely satisfied and full (unless you've been starving for ages then idk..).

Danny got the Bulgogi Beef Garlic noodles and it was good! The beef is pretty well marinated he says and he recommends adding the house special Jalapeno sauce. It's great when mixed!

I got the Crawfish Pasta and while it's not crazy with a lot of crawfish (come on, it's less than $10) there are whole pieces of crawfish in there and a lot of sausages!! The sauce is well seasoned and flavorful and everything is great.

Okay, seriously. You gotta try this place. Stop reading this and go!

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