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732 N Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805
*In the same plaza as North Gate Supermarket. They have no official sign for the store so it's kind of hard to find.


Mexican Style Ice Cream with fresh churros?! I'm so glad I found this hidden gem!

So the reason why I came here was for the $1 aguas frescas promotion! The promotion was only for the regular cup size which is a good deal! But getting the actual bottle is so trendy right now that even I was sucked into buying the actual bottle which is $3!

This is the Horchata Ice Cream with chunks of churros on top! I got the smallest size which is perfect for one person! Especially since I wasn't quite hungry. Good to satisfy the cravings!

This is the Original Chabet which has Mango and Strawberry sorbet! It is sooo good! It also has fresh mangoes and strawberry fruit added so it's a very refreshing dessert! I love this because I love the "chamoy" desserts!

The entire store actually looked very modern quite to my surprise. I guess when I think of Mexican Ice Cream shops I don't imagine it to be very hipster and trendy looking. But this place is hip! Omgoodness! It seems like it would blend in with the other hip and trendy dessert shops in Garden Grove or Westminster or Irvine or something.

The shop is very clean and I saw people studying here. Maybe there is free wi-fi? I'm not sure. But there is not much seating in general. Maybe only good for around 10 people max sitting in the store.

So this Elado place has absolutely no obvious sign. I seriously circled around for maybe 5 times before I was able to find it. There is parking in the back of the store so no worries.

So I've been wanting to try this spot for awhile now ever since discovering it via Instagram (such a powerful social media tool for businesses!) but never got the chance until Elado posted about their $1 aguas frescas promotion! What? That is a crazy good deal so I made sure to make time to go!

I went with my two friends Cristina and Christina (haha) and we were so surprised by how trendy the store is! I mean... why isn't it more hyped up?? Or maybe it already is and I have no idea about the hype.

Anyway, so we all planned to get the aguas frescas. They had two: cucumber + lime and hibiscus + guava. We all got the hibiscus + guava for each one of us in a bottle which is $3 instead of $1 but it was more convenient because we could take it on the go. And actually, the bottle holds a lot so even I was still enjoying it through the entire day!

The drink I got was very thick. Totally worth the $3 in my opinion! I think it would have been nice to take it home and pour it over ice!

For ice cream, the flavors here definitely stands out. Except for the horchata though. I was looking forward to horchata but unfortunately it really only tasted like rice. They should add some cinnamon to it...

My favorite was the cookie and watermelon ice cream flavors! I am gonna have to go back for these two.

Here's a breakdown of what my friends and I ordered:

  1. Original Chabet: Mango + Strawberry sorbet with Mango and Strawberry fruit
    • totally worth it. I'd get this next time!
  2. Creamy Churro: I got the normal one which has Horchata ice cream and Churros on top
    • you can totally substitute the ice cream flavor with another if you want!
    • This is what I got. I felt the horchata ice cream was sort of plain. I was just basically eating churros with rice...
  3. Creamy Churro with Caramel ice cream
    • my friend got this and I thought it was good! 
  4. My friend Cristina said that the aguas frescas here were one of the best she's ever had. And this means a lot coming from my Mexican friend!

Overall, my visit here got me craving it again! Will be back!

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