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This is definitely a great addition to Garden Grove. 
IT'S JUST SO CUTE! I literally went here like almost everyday in a week because I just had to absorb all of its cuteness and needed more each day ^__^ !

It's located so near my house too! At the intersection of Brookhurst and Garden Grove Blvd, it's located in the same plaza as Submarine Crab, Butaton, Frozen Bar, Oc & Lau restaurant and etc. It's actually owned by the same owners as Submarine Crab so occasionally you'll see the same staff working there!
Kevin took me on a play date here.  
We took our GUDETAMA friends here and Nintendo Mario playing cards and had a mini photoshoot!
So... when we arrived to the shop with our Gudetama Gang, we did get a few stares from other guests. But it was all cool because we got to take cute photos with them. Anyone else a Gudetama fan?!

The Matcha sauce that comes with the heart-shaped beignets are superb. 
I had to order extra of the sauce because it's just so legit and good! Damn! I could use some right now and drizzle it on everything!

In the corner of the shop is a dressing room! 
Well, it's like a powder room partially covered with such cute lace curtains and some beary cute friends you can play with! Pretend to play dress-up with the necklaces provided and take some cool photos. I love the huggable bears! They are just so soft and cuddly! I wonder how many other people have hugged them before me... haha

You and I Cafe always serves such cute character steamed buns too! On the day Kevin and I went, they had piggies, hello kitties, and pandas! You can have them fried too! I personally liked them better fried because they are crunchy and better that way!
Kevin stabbed the piggy..

Everything is so cute! Each table and spot has it's own theme. There are rocking chairs, a powder room, very cute vintage floral designed chairs and sofas and more! Even the bathroom is cute... and makes me feel like I'm at a nice AirBnB or hotel!

Waffle Burger and Fries are perfect to share!
All of their entrees are made for two people. It goes with their shop name "You and I"! But don't worry, if you're hungry you can just come alone and eat it all yourself! Prices aren't too shabby. This waffle burger and fries was about $8! Just one is enough to fill up one person! So it's great to share and split the price!

The meat has a sort of... thit nuong (grilled meat) taste. Like.. Vietnamese flare to it... if you know what I mean? Maybe?

I am so in love with this place!
The first time I stepped into this place I was so WOW'D! Like.. OH MY GOODNESS WHY IS IT SO CUTE! Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit but seriously! It's so cute! This cafe is like a mixture of Classics Confections and Flowers (Cypress, CA) and Cafe Maji (Artesia, CA) together! It's got that vintage feel that and at the same time reminds me of a dollhouse vibe / Alice in Wonderland.

Every table and chair and spot is unique. Make sure to try a different spot every time you come here! The rocking chairs are so cool! Well, how often do you see rocking chairs at a cafe? One time, I was rocking away just chilling and talking to my friends. It was great! 

The desserts are cute and actually taste good too. I love the beignets. They are crunchy and light inside and pair well with the legit matcha sauce. Every time I order this, I always ask for 3 extra matcha sauce cups because it's that good!

They are working on their menu currently and may not have everything available. I tried the waffle burger and it's pretty good! Not what I expected though but a yummy surprise! Instead of a typical American beef patty taste, the burger tasted quite Vietnamese like thit nuong but it was still good! I'd get it again!

The drinks are alright. Don't expect the fancy all organic all natural sweetener here. They use Torani syrup to flavor the drinks like most other boba shops. The drinks are standard and taste ok. I think they should rename the matcha to just green tea latte. The powder they use is similar tasting to the Starbucks green tea powder. 

Overall, I think the stars are the desserts and entrees here, not the drinks. 

Because of the ambience, great service and food / dessert, I'd totally go here again! It's also great for studying! They've got free WI-FI!

Definitely bring your camera! Take many photos because this place has so many photo ops! If you're in need of a place to study this place is great too. The music they play are old 80s music or something and it's so relaxing and calming. JUST VISIT THIS PLACE ALREADY! 

5/5! Everyone is friendly and nice! Since it's still a fairly new shop, the staff are always asking for your opinion to improve! Food comes out quickly. Every drink comes with a cream puff!

Reasonable! The entree prices are made for two (hence the name) and are a big portion that's great to share. The drinks are around $4 and entrees are around $7-10. Desserts are around $4-7.

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10130 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92843
** In same plaza as Submarine Crab, Oc & Lau, Frozen Bar and Pizza Theory

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