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DARK 180
Address: 440 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805
*Located inside the Anaheim Packing house on the 2nd floor.


The lady that worked there was nice and gave me the last remaining hot chocolate in a small clear up (left in the photo) since I came during closing time. 

 Something was happening at the Anaheim Packing House when I went!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE. DARK CHOCOLATE. HOT. I'm always craving a good hot chocolate drink around this season and I think Dark180 serves a pretty good hot chocolate.

But overall, I'm disappointed.

Dark180 Chocolate at the Anaheim Packing house serves pretty over-priced hot chocolate. I know it's supposed to be gourmet and all but $5 for a very small cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream definitely burns a person's wallet. And actually, I am now looking at their official website right now and they raised the prices another dollar. So it would actually cost now $6 for a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. I hope they made the cups bigger... or else it's simply not worth the price. I'd rather go on over to Chocxo in Costa Mesa for my hot chocolate.

Is it good though? Yes. But it saddens me that they do not make it fresh - especially for the prices they charge. They have their chocolate already melted with the milk and they just keep it in a warmer. This allows them to serve their drinks faster at least but I wouldn't be able to choose a higher chocolate to milk ratio since it's already mixed. I really like my hot chocolate, well, mostly chocolate. 

I've got to admit though that their Chantilly whipped cream is darn good. It's very fresh and light and airy. But it really doesn't taste like anything. Just cream with hint of vanilla and not sweet. It's too bad they've taken this off of their menu though. (What else did they change?!)

I haven't been back to the Anaheim Packing House for almost half a year. So maybe Dark180 changed it up and their drinks are better now? I  know the prices sure aren't better T___T. 

But if I ever wanna satisfy my hot chocolate cravings I'm gonna be heading over to Chocxo instead. They make everything to order. Yes, their chocolate is already melted. But, it is pure chocolate. They mix it with the milk only after you order and use a steamer to steam up the milk making one of the best Hot Chocolate drinks ever, fresh. Best of all, I'm able to customize it! I can choose more chocolate than milk and the result is so creamy and chocolate-y and amazing. 
View my review for Chocxo here: 

Some Price and Menu changes:
  • They added Mexican Hot Chocolate to the menu for $3.50
  • Hot Chocolate - French Artisan for $5. 
    • it used to be $4
    • no more option to add Chantilly Cream whipped cream for $1
  • Also new is the Truffogato for $7.25
    • affogato with the Chantilly Whipped Cream and shaved Belgium chocolate
    • 2 truffles of choice are added to the drink
  • View full menu here:

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