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I've been a huuuuge Roasting Water fan ever since it opened. I remember my first time (before they ever started doing mug promos) they won me over with their Jasmine Tea with Sea Salt Cream. It was the perfect amount of saltiness and the tea was flavorful. Not watered down at all. This was what kept me coming back for more. The only downside is that their location in Westminster is super duper teeny but at least it's cozy with the cutest Pinterest-esque decor with the cutest mugs surrounding the walls. This place is known for their daily deals! They used to have $1 ice cream deals and deals on certain drinks for super cheap (like under $2).

But, Roasting Water definitely blew up in fame when it started rolling out with the mug promos. They were giving out free mugs, YES. FREE MUGS with purchase of a drink (the deal of the day). At first I don't think many people knew. I knew by chance because I was already there and saw everyone getting some kawaii-ass mug along with their drinks. Eventually, the word spread like social mediafire (who used to use this site to download music....and does anyone get my pun?!) and the lines were longgggggggg. I remember waiting for 30 minutes once just for their deals but thinking that it's totally worth because damn, these mugs are damn cute. Even better is that when I see these mugs elsewhere (7 leaves has some similar ones and Morning Glory sells some of the same mugs), I discover that Roasting Water offers a great deal. Mugs sold elsewhere is like more than $10.... Whaaat?! Might as well get`em at Roasting Water because it comes with a drink too right?!

As you can tell by my photos above, I've been quite a fanatic (and that's not even all the mugs I collected) waiting in line for them mugs. BUT IT'S ALL WORTH IT AND REUSABLE! In fact, I use one of them really often to eat cereal and rice!

Hopefully this new location is a bit bigger with more seating. I mean, it replacing Kelley's Coffee and Cookies next to Kyotori Sushi in the Regals 16 plaza at the intersection of Brookhurst/Chapman will at least mean that it's only less than 10 minutes from my house! WOO! Also, I remember Kelley's Coffee being spacious and having plentiful seating!

My Faves are the Avocado Smoothie, Jasmine Sea Salt Cream, Oolong Tea with Fresh Cream and Black Milk Tea. Can't go wrong with those!

9783 Chapman Ave Garden Grove, CA 92841
--In the same plaza as Regals 16 at the intersection of Brookhurst/Chapman. It's basically in between Regals and Kyotori Sushi!

  • Friday 6/19/2015
  • 7:30am - 4pm: FREE MUG with every drink purchase
  • 5pm - 8pm: ALL DRINKS ARE FREE. The cold ones will be in a bottle and the hot ones will come in a mug. Limit 1 per customer.

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