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ADDRESS: 3615 Canyon Crest Drive, Riverside, CA 92507
**Located in the Bannockburn Village at UCR

Kev is a UCR Higlander now and since he lives at the Bannockburn village he often frequents this restaurant that is basically his backyard. He took me to the Getaway Cafe one time because he wanted to introduce some of his fave burgers / sandwiches there but as soon as I walked in and saw a "NEW! PIZZA FRIES" I knew exactly what I wanted: PIZZA FRIEEEEEEES! OMG!

Side Story: The other day I was hanging out with Duc and Sara at the Anaheim Packing House and we were talking about some food that we wanted to try. Duc had a photo of Pizza Fries and we all agreed it's a must-try (or must-try-to-make-at-home). I also saw the same photo a few days earlier of pizza fries on tumblr. And that's basically the reason why I just haddddda get it when I saw it at The Getaway Cafe.

Before even trying The Getaway Cafe, I did what every person would normally do these days and previewed this restaurant via yelp. It seemed like an all around American Restaurant (you know what I mean?) that served basically everything like burgers, pasta, beer, sandwiches, etc. Since it doesn't really seem like a specialty restaurant I became a bit skeptical about the pizza fries but when the server brought it out all my doubts went away. The Pizza Fries looked amaaaaazeballs and tasted great! Why did I never think about this combo before? Anyone wanna try to make it? The fries were crispy and went well with the marinara sauce, cheese, and juiccccccccy pepperoni. Yummy. It runs about $8 but it's actually pretty big. I wouldn't be able to finish it myself unless I was super super hungry. We had to take it to-go and Kev ended up eating the rest (super jealous btw because I forgot to take it home to have for myself...) and said it still tasted good warmed up.

Overall, I'd definitely get this again. I think it's just perfect for party food and an interesting concept!

P.S. I've also tried their other burgers here and they're pretty legit and juicy! Just how I like it! ^__^

To Sum It Up:

  1. tasted like pizza, but with fries instead! 
  2. great finger food (or use a fork to be clean)
  3. about $8
  4. the fries were crispy and yummy!
  5. would totally order it again
  6. I also wanna try making this myself at home. Who's with me!? ^___^

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