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I've become busier and busier now, especially with a part-time job at Marukai Supermarket (visit me!). Working there on weekends and trying my best to basically cram study thousands of Japanese Kanji and vocabulary is getting tough. This is my punishment for procrastinating I guess... I thought I would be able to remember all my vocab and kanji but it's just getting...TOO MUCH. However, I'm gonna try my best! I've still got about 26 days left to study for it! Does any of my reaters have experience with taking the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)? I'm going to take the JLPT N3 (intermediate level) test this December so wish me luck everyone! ^__^

So that's basically the reason that I haven't been posting much but I try to post at least something once a week! For the best updates on my foodie adventures, follow me on instagram! If y'all want to of course... I update basically daily on that thing because you know.. insta-instant-gram...?! And I answer every question/comment on there pretty much instantly. Even with my now slightly busier life, I still go on foodie expeditions so make sure to follow me! ^__^ Just ignore all my shameless selfies if you're only interested in my food posts!

I've got so many backed up posts that I seriously am dying to post on this blog. I plan on finally posting all of my Japanese and Korean foodie adventures too! Will do so soon though hopefully after my JLPT! There will probably be an explosion of posts on here so get ready and GET HUNGRY!

My Instagram ID: x3hoppie

Happy Reading and Get Hungry, Reaters <3

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