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ADDRESS: 16479 Bolsa Chica St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
^ You might see a sign on the street for Bubba Sweets but it's actually not at that sign. This is in the same plaza as Starbucks and Quiznos on Heil and Bolsa Chica. It's right next to Quiznos!

Note: There is another location (that I did not go to): 21168 Beach Blvd Huntington Beach CA

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I came in here pleasantly surprised by the cutesy girly pink decor of the store! It was all too cute! It somehow made me feel young again just being in the cutesy pink store. Even the tables were cupcake shaped! COOL!

They've got ice cream here, cake pops, and most importantly: YUMMY CUPCAKES!

They have just sooooooo many flavors that I could not believe my eyes! Their menu is also very extensive. They have certain cupcakes that they have available daily and special cupcakes available on certain days of the week. You can refer to my photo of the menu up above to know which cupcakes they offer on certain days of the week!

The names of the cupcakes are very unique and are even quite strange to me. There are names like the "Katy Perry" cupcake and the "PMS Cure" (really ? because I need a cure...!). Aside from unique names, they have very unique flavors too! I thought the churro, the marshmallow, the maple bacon, and banana bread + candy bacon were interesting choices! I couldn't decide so I eventually just picked out of my eyes (whatever my eyes were attracted to) because you know the saying, "You eat with your eyes first" right?

I don't quite remember all the names but I for sure remember I ordered:

  1. The Katy Perry (the one with the chocolate strawberry and lip)
  2. The Banana cake + Candied Bacon topping
  3. The Chocolate Chip Cookie
  4. The Marshmallow
  5. The Churro
Each cupcake is $3 but if you order a dozen then it's $3 off (so basically buy 11 and get 1 free). I thought the cupcake was a decent price especially if you don't buy that many!

I decided to try two cupcakes with Kev and share the rest with my family at home. We ate the Marshmallow and the Banana cake + candied bacon cupcakes. Honestly, I was quite disappointed.... so below is a food recap on reasons + summary!

  • cupcakes look delicious but taste disappointing.
  • Marshmallow Cupcake
    • Sprinkles cupcake is by far better. Don't even bother getting this! I'd rather pay another dollar and make the drive for that yummy sofy ooey gooey Marshmallow cupcake from Sprinkles.
    • Bubba's was too dry for my taste. The frosting did not even taste like marshmallows. 
    • Kev thought it was decent though but I guess I just have pickier tastebuds for cupcakes
  • Banana cake + candied bacon
    • honestly I didn't want this cupcake. I wanted the Maple Bacon cupcake but the worker must have gotten confused and gave me this instead.
    • Nonetheless, it was alright. This cake was more interesting then the Marshmallow one. 
    • It tasted both sweet from the banana cake and salty from the bacon so it was a nice ying + yang taste. Unfortunately, it would have been better if it was more moist. Did I come at a bad time?!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
    • This one had two mini chocolate chip cookies on top! 
    • The frosting was mediocre
      • honestly the frosting tasted like something you would get at an amateur cake shop or from those frosting tubes from the grocery store. 
    • There was not much flavor. I expected infinite amounts of chocolate chips but there were only scarce amounts in the cupcake itself.
  • I honestly do not like the frosting here. I usually am not that picky with cupcakes but somehow the frosting here doesn't do it for me...
  • I never tried the other cupcakes I bought so I don't know if they're good or not
  • Cupcakes are $3 each
  • There are many many many flavors of cupcakes
  • Service was great! The girl that was working was very peppy and friendly. She was also very knowledgeable about the cupcakes
  • I probably wouldn't go here again. I had high expectations since this place won the cupcake wars. 
  • Maybe I went at a bad time? I went 1 hour before the shop closed so maybe I got old cupcakes?!
P.S I prefer Sprinkles for Marshmallow cupcake (S'mores) but omgggg, for the super moist and delicious cupcakes that I practically dream of tasting right now is from Classics Flowers & Confections on Valley View Street in Cypress. Now those cupcakes are legittttt.

P.P.S Did you know one of the judges for Cupcake Wars Season 13 is the founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes?!

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