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4628 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 653-6828

Went on a breakfast date with Cornelia a few days ago! I forgot what type of sandwich she got but I definitely loved my choice. I got the french toast with bacon and strawberries and the bread that they use is so interesting! It's like...circular and super fluffy and soft!

To be honest though, this place was very hard for me to find. Champagne Bakery in Irvine was basically blended into monotonous grey and dark green colored buildings that I had to drive in circles and via u-turns to find this bakery. After basically 10 minutes of driving back and forth I parked in the Woodbridge Plaza with Barnes and Nobles (where the movie theatre is) and walked up to the nearest directory. I finally found it from reading the list of stores. The bakery was right in front of me! However, it was extremely NOT obvious to me because well, I've never been to this plaza ever in my life and just simply thought it would have been easier to spot!

This place is not cheap. It's about maybe $8-$12 depending on what you get. It's a bit pricey because they specialize in French cuisine I guess... but honestly my French toast (and French people don't even normally eat this...) was pretty normal for costing me $10. Either way, I usually never really go to Champagne Bakery and now I know why. There are better breakfast places around the area like Plum's Cafe in Costa Mesa! ^__^

The good thing was that the service was fast here and the food didn't take that long to come out! It was also pretty slow on a Tuesday morning but it got busier and livelier as noon approached.

Hopefully they'll be more Cornelia and Hop adventures because we plan to play dress-up soon! ^__^

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