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The above photo is a screenshot from the official Strawberry Festival website:

So what is everybody doing this Memorial Weekend?!
I know that for sure I will be attending the famous Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove this weekend! I drove by the area and saw the set up today and felt  nostalgic about the festival because I haven't been to it in two years (I've been abroad for the past 2 years). I wonder if anything has changed? Are the strawberry shortcakes still as tasty and delicious? Well the only way to find out is to go so I am super excited this weekend for it!

What I am most excited for actually, is for the free strawberry shortcake. I don't know if many people know this but every Friday of this event, they have a giant strawberry shortcake-cutting ceremony in the evening and everyone that attends get a free slice! YUMM! Now, if you're expecting a huge slice as well, you're dead wrong, but the free small/medium slice is enough to make my time great at the festival because there are many games and other foods to enjoy!

Honestly, parking is gonna be difficult because this festival will get crowded. When I used to attend the festival, I usually would just walk from my house (about 20 min...) or park at Garden Grove High School (I don't think that is allowed anymore...). You can also park at a nearby neighborhood or the Mcdonalds nearby and walk over!

Here is the address: 
Euclid St & Main St. Garden Grove, CA 92840

This festival also has some celebrities that come on Saturday mornings as well. The celebrities are usually not anyone super famous but if you're really familiar with a lot of TV shows on Nickelodean and Disney Channel or on the regular TV channels, then perhaps you'll recognize some of the celebrities! 

This festival also has other attractions too including carnival games, rides, various types of foods, concerts, and shows! Make sure to go to their official website for the full details!

Before I forget, the free cake from the cake cutting ceremony is at 6pm on Friday (tomorrow)!! See y'all there!

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