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632 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 617-4962


So there are way too many stores that sell acai berry smoothies and acai bowls and etc. these days. How does one know which store to go to that's the best? Well, for me, I've only tried Nektar, this place in Venice beach that I can't remember the name of... , and Acai Republic.

I've actually been really wanting to try Acai Republic in Tustin! Sure, it may not offer those unique, exciting, twists on acai bowls like peanut butter acai, chocolate nutella acai or whatever people come up with these days, but the main reason why I've been wanting to try this place is because they claim to offer authentic Brazilian acai smoothies and bowls and they close the latest out of all the acai bowl specialty stores around in Orange County. All of the places that I've been wanting to try except for Acai Republic closes way too early. The other stores close on weekdays and weekends at around 5-7pm. That's way too early for my late night cravings!  But! I'm glad for the existence of Acai Republic which conveniently closes at 9pm on weekdays so that I can go grab a healthy and refreshing acai bowl after work or after school! Especially since these days in Sunny Socal, the nighttime humid weather calls for a cold, refreshing snack!

The hours of operations is pretty much the main factor that drew me to this place. But, the memory of the experience will definitely have me coming back for more. The cashier was super helpful and friendly. Kev and I were first-timers so we had trouble navigating through their menu. The cashier seemed very knowledgeable about the tastes of each item on the menu to be able to give a detailed explanation to us! And, not only that, but she was super smiley and joyful to speak to! What admirable customer service!

We decided on The Hawaiian acai bowl medium sized. It consists of acai, acerola, avocado, spinach, carrot, apple, pineapple, coconut, and guarana blended together. As for toppings, there were granola, bananas, coconut shreds, and strawberries all topped with honey! The overall taste of everything was extremely refreshing and I didn't want it to end. I just wanted more to magically appear after we finished the bowl. You can even add more toppings too for I think 50 cents each!

This place is located near the I-5 freeway bridge in Tustin on Newport Ave. It's also super close to Gen Kbbq down the street too so if y'all wanted to chow down on KBBQ and grab some refreshing Acai Bowls as dessert, this is the place to go afterwards!

Did I mention that Audrina Patridge from Laguna Beach/The Hills (MTV SHOW) visited this place?

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