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Sushi Plus
18856 Brookhurst St,
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 963-1436

Feasting with my bf!

The Good

  • the sushi pretty good!
  • beautifully presented
  • delicious and filling
  • no wait!
  • good customer service
  • clean 

The Bad
  • a bit pricey, this place ain't cheap yo
  • too much rice in my opinion

This place is next to the plaza with Samurai Burrito and Ebisu Ramen. Basically, all these plazas adjacent and across have A LOT OF JAPANESE STORES. If you're not into sushi, there are so many great choices for other types of Japanese food in this area! For instance, okonomiyaki, sushi, sushi burrito..., ramen, yakitori, yakisoba, etc. !

This place is great for sushi but I would say it's "SUSHI". The majority of the menu is comprised of sushi rolls here. ROLLS ON ROLLS ON ROLLS and if you're into that, this place is not a bad choice! ^__^ Reminds me of like full moon sushi or like sushi asahi or any of those normal average sushi roll places. This place has A LOOOOOOOOT of choices though!

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