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Last night I  met up with some friends at John's house to eat Noriko's Japanese cooking. Yesterday was her last day in Socal and she wanted to cook some delicious OKONOMIYAKI and YAKISOBA for us. How sweeeeet! ^___^

Apparently it was also her first time ever to make "Japanese Pancake" and "Japanese fried noodles" so she had to Line Call her mother. KAWAIINE ?!

It's amazing how you can get all the ingredients you need at the Japanese supermarket here! It's basically a mini-Japan except the prices are probably a bit more expensive since the items are imported.

The menu for last night was MOCHI + CHEESE OKONOMIYAKI WITH BACON. I told her the other day that my favorite okonomiyaki was mochi+cheese and  I ate it quite often while living in Japan. So, I was really grateful that she got the ingredients to make that yesterday. The results turned out to be MECHA OISHII and with the leftovers, she made YAKISOBA which was also UMAI!

I'm gonna need to learn how to make this at home one day! It's so yummy!

Ohh and I LOVE JAPANESE MAYO! That thing goes great with everything! It tastes sweet and is super different from American Mayo. The okonomiyaki sauce (tastes like teriyaki) is also good too!

I hope Noriko has a safe flight to San Fran and also when she flies back to Japan! ^___^

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