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Last week, when I was really hungry after work, I went to visit Kevin at OCC! We went to Seaside first to try to ask for the Green Tea Thai Tea without any luck. They said "next week" T___T. Anyways, we searched up places to eat that were STILL open (it was like 10pm) on Yelp and found out that a lot of meat places were open until 1am! WHOA...that's pretty late...Anyways, we decided on this place we've never heard or seen before named ANJIN which is apparently super close to OCC! How convenient!

When we got there, I felt super nostalgic. IT WAS SO JAPANESE to me ^__^. The only difference was that the customers weren't all Japanese... haha After living in Japan for half a year, visiting this restaurant really reminded me of Japan. Especially the SUPERB MEAT QUALITY and the WET TISSUES and the YAKUCHA (HOT GREEN TEA) they serve you at the end (not to mention the expensive prices that are also commonplace in Japan...).The menu was also in Japanese! So nostalgic for me. But don't worry... there was English too!

When I saw the wet tissues laid on the table I was so excited. I told Kevin that in Japan the restaurants always gives you these in the beginning (In Korea too) and you're supposed to clean your hands with these before you eat!

I literally wanted to try everything on the menu. EVERY MEAT because it looked so fresh and enticing on the menu. However, the prices were not friendly towards my pocket so we decided to just order 2 meat dishes and the lettuce and veggie plate (sanchu). I gotta have veggies with my meat!

We ordered the asparagus wrapped bacon (I love anything with bacon!) and the marbled prime boneless short rib (if I remember correctly) and both were great! The portions are quite small though.. so I wish I was rich so I could have ordered more. x___x

At the end of the meal, the waittress gave each of us hot green tea (it tasted like the "matcha" green tea powder you mix with hot water at those kaiten sushi places in Japan). How Lovely!

Overall, this place has a lot of great choices. I can't believe it's so close to OCC! Why didn't I go here when I used to go to OCC?! This place is definitely QUALITY > QUANTITY. However, it's something that I cannot afford on a regular basis. I guess if I really wanted to have a full belly, AYCE KBBQ would be the better option because it's cheaper. However, the quality of meat at Anjin is by far better!

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