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Located conveniently near my workplace (I tutor near Irvine) I decided to give my good friend Jessi a visit at Le Cafe du Parc last night! Apparently they had live music starting at 6:30pm last night! It was pretty cute with a hipster feel!

When I came in Jessi was raving about how she just made the best drink ever from a new recipe. It is called the Boston Creme Cafe drink (?) and she excitedly made it for me. It was SO DELICIOUS and served in an ILLY glass cup! It is a hot drink and tastes super creamy with the cocoa powder on top too. Perfect combo. I could also taste a bit of espresso in the drink. Jessi explained that she put one shot of espresso so it was not too much for me. The one espresso shot really blended well with the hot chocolate cake taste of the drink. I really want to drink this again!! Curious, I also googled Boston Creme Cafe drink. THERE WAS NO DRINK that came up in the results but instead THERE WAS A LOT OF PIE AND CAKE images. I guess the Boston Creme Pie is a known and popular thing. Perhaps this is what the drink is supposed to taste like? Nonetheless, the drink was great and I want more ^__^

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