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One of a Kind Coffee and Teas @ 102 Cafe in Garden Grove

So much boba, so little time.

There are seriously so many boba shops these days that you can find one in every corner in Orange County, especially in Garden Grove or Westminster. But seriously, how do you know which ones are good? Which ones are worth? And which ones suck? I am a huge huuuuge boba addict so when a new shop opens up you can bet that I am there to try it out. And a lot of times it is a hit or miss. 

But luckily, there are hidden gems. The ones that are worth mentioning even if I kinda want to keep it a secret... because it's so good!

That's 102 Cafe in Garden Grove. Located on Main Street in Downtown Garden Grove, this cafe and boba shop serves one of a kind coffee and tea that deserves attention. 

Let me tell you about my one of a kind relationship with this place.

 As I mentioned, whenever a new place opens in my neighborhood (Orange County), you can bet me I am there! So when 102 Cafe opened over a year ago (2017) I dragged Kevin to stroll downtown with me to check this new place out!

One of my first impressions was that it had cute decor! With puffy clouds that made you feel like you could go to boba heaven and other stuff like a piano and artwork made me feel like I was in a cute and cozy independent cafe that is chill. But the important thing was the drink. Let's just say Kevin and I were quite unimpressed with the drinks as it tasted either very syrupy or lacking in flavor for some. 

But, what I admired though, was how attentive and interested the owner was in our feedback. We provided the owner, Danny, our feedback and were hopeful for improvement, especially because of his enthusiasm to improve. We knew we had to give 102 Cafe another chance in the coming months!

Eventually I tried it again randomly one day and it was so much better! I think I got Jasmine milk tea and the tea itself was more apparent and flavorful.

Fast forward a few months later to when I started working nearby 102 Cafe, I would explore their menu more because they had a new foam drink: matcha foam. WHATT!?? That's hella cool. And the drink was pretty good!

Basically, the store showed innovation and improvement, and strives to satisfy their customers. 

And that's the kind of place I want to support!

On my most recent visit, I was blown away. 
Kevin and I visited the 102 Cafe a few days ago and omgggggg we were blown away! Kevin hadn't tried it since the first day so honestly we didn't expect much. 

But wow. 


We tried their new drinks (new for us) on their Signature Menu and were so impressed by how refreshing and delicious it was. The quality of the drink itself is worth applause. I can't believe I've been missing out this entire time, because I hadn't been back in awhile. However, I am considering making 102 Cafe a weekly ritual because they've got me hooked!

I am still craving their drinks as I am writing this because it was so impressive. Stop going to those chains from Taiwan y'all, and go to 102 Cafe! These drinks, created by the owner, Danny, takes some great creativity!

Berry Leafy, Peach Citrus, Signature Milk, and Jasmine Milk Tea with Matcha Foam

I plan to go back soon to order more drinks! There is so much I want to try!

By the way, this place is lit at night. Like, literally lit up because they light up their patio! They host events such as concerts and open mic night!

If you're into piano, they've got this beauty right here.

Ooohlala these are the two drinks I am currently obsessed with! It's the perfect summer drink which is basically every season in SoCal. Amiriiiiight??

This place is a good study spot too, so those of you in school or just wanna work on a laptop, try this spot! They've got free wi-fi!

I was so happy to see 102 Cafe vibrantly busy on a Sunday afternoon when I visited with Kevin. Because after trying their drinks again, I was like...damn more people need to know about this spot! 

What I ordered:
  • Berry Leafy: Green Tea, Lemon Slice, Basil and Mint Leaves, Strawberry Puree
    • I kinda regret giving this to Kevin's brother to try because Bryan drank all of the rest..... T_T 
    • But anyway, the drink was totally refreshing and not overly sweet. It's a perfect drink with the right amount of balance! 
    • And also, mint and strawberry and basil go sooooo well together
  • Peach Tea Citrus: Green Tea, Orange Slice, Lemongrass, Peach Puree
    • omg this ain't yo basic drink. They've got lemongrass in here. LEMONGRASS!
    • If you love peach and orange together, this is yo drink. 
    • A personal fave of mine and Kevin's
  • Signature Milk Drink: Brown Sugar, Caramel sauce, Grass Jelly, Egg Pudding
    • There's a lot going on in this drink! It's basically 102 Cafe's take on the recent brown sugar boba trend. 
    • Don't confuse this with milk tea; it is a milk drink. Sweetened with caramel and added toppings, like a dessert!
  • Jasmine Milk Tea with Matcha Foam: Jasmine Tea with Milk and topped with their housemade Matcha Foam
    • This is a unique menu item because of the matcha foam! 102 Cafe also offers chocolate foam too!
    • The drink itself is flavorful and aromatic from the Jasmine. Matcha foam has a light matcha flavor.

The drinks are honestly very affordable. Everything is around $3-$5. But affordable and great quality? Yes, that exists here!

I also heard that their Vietnamese coffee is good. They even use coffee ice cubes so the drink won't dilute!

I'll update this blog post once I try their other drinks. And shall report back to ya!

Check out 102 Cafe for coffee and tea that's one of a kind. 

102 Cafe Address:
12908 Main St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Connect with 102 Cafe on social media:



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