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That XL Hawaiian Fruit Tea From R&B Tea Is Worth!

It is so greaaaaaaaaat to be back home in Orange County!  I have suffered long enough in the oh so HARSH HUMIDITY that was in Korea! Did you know, the Korean summer this year was the hottest in a century? Damn! Don't tell me you global warming is a lie... !

During my stay in Korea, I noticed so many new shops opening in Orange County from Instagram. One particular shop I wanted to try near my house was R & B Tea (rhythm...and boba?!?!)! Since it's near my house, I actually noticed it while driving around before I moved to Korea. And it got me so excited seeing a new spot that I had to drive into the parking lot just to find out that it wasn't even close to opening yet. T__T This was like 4 months ago. 

Anyway, you better believe I had to check it out during my first few days back home! 

I have heard so many great things about R&B tea like how they use fresh fruits and so on. When I came by, I saw that they had the ever so trendy brown sugar milk boba! I ordered that and Kevin ordered the Hawaiian Fruit Tea.

My brown sugar boba milk is on the left and Kevin's Hawaiian Fruit Tea is on the right! WOWW Holding these cups made me feel like I should keep them.... BECAUSE THE CUPS ARE SO THICK AND HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC LIKE WTF! How can I just simply throw these away!? Such a waste.... 

I ended up throwing them away anyways because I ain't about that hoarding life no mo.  

Here is the menu

Notice how there is a section for "milk teas" and a section for "lattes". Typically, these Taiwanese boba shops (Sharetea, Ding Tea, Kung Fu Tea, Etc.) use real actual milk for "lattes" and non-dairy creamer powder for "milk teas". I ordered a roasted oolong latte here as well and noticed that (just like the brown sugar boba milk) the drink wasn't actually that milky at all. It was sort of watery... as if they used non diary creamer or something. Idk, it tasted very thin. Soooooooooo I don't know if maybe they switched it and actually, maybe the "milk teas" use real milk? IDK. I shall ask next time I visit!

  Of course every cool boba shop has to have a painted wall or something cool.

So good to be back and to see Kevin again live in the FLESHHHHHHH


I am not sure if I enjoyed the milk / latte drinks I've had from here since they aren't actually that milky.. (I love milk) but I do gotta tell ya that the Hawaiian Fruit Tea is so damn worth it!

All of the drinks here are the same size which is a tall and skinny cup size that could easily be considered a medium/large at most places. 

This is the only drink on the menu that is served in a gigantic cup! And I love it! They actually add real chunks of various fruits into the cup and since the cup is size XL, the size compensates for the liquid that would have been lost if in the normal cup. WOO! So the amount of liquid (fruit tea) is the same as the normal sized cups PLUS FRESH FRUIT!

Prices range from $4-$5 with the Hawaiian Fruit Tea being $5.25. I think if anything, the Hawaiian Fruit Tea is the most worth and sooooooo refreshingly delicious! 

I recommend y'all check it out if you haven't yet!

Note: there will be a new location of R&B Tea opening in Westminster in October!


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9732 Garden Grove Blvd, Unit 6 Garden Grove, California

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