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GIVEAWAY | It's Always a Party @ Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour!

Farrell's is one of those places you visit not only for the food and 30-scoop party sundaes, but for that fun celebratory atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion! 

Disclosure: Kevin and I were invited as guests of media to cover the Farrell's celebration on the television show The Profit. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. I like to keep it real, yanno?

For a super long time, I had been wanting to go to Farrell's because I always thought of it as like... a restaurant with a Disneyland vibe. I heard about how the staff sings to you and everything is jolly in there. LOL

I then experienced that several years ago with some friends. I totally pretended it was my birthday and got the full treatment (but at least it was within my bday month... I think). IT WAS A MEMORY I'LL NEVER FORGET BECAUSE IT WAS SO FUN!

Seriously, the staff singing was one of the best parts. And even better, they don't sing the same boring song to everyone. There are many variations so it's never boring!

Kevin and I went to Farrell's last week to check out the restaurant again after it renovated! Apparently, Farrell's was undergoing a makeover and it's Buena Park location was being filmed for half a year to be featured on The Profit. That television show is hosted by Marcus Lemonis, which features restaurants that are struggling and receives advice and tips to make a comeback.

Basically, Farrell's wasn't doing well so they are making improvements and changes!

Note: Buena Park location actually does well though compared to their other locations.

Aside from changes in the interior and decor, a key change is the menu:

  • better quality ingredients
  • scratch made ingredients
  • instead of using Thrifty Ice Cream, the restaurant will be using the original and creamier recipe that the founder, Bob Farrell, used
  • the 1/2 lb, flame-broiled burgers will now be formed by hand and made with a blend of three-beef for more flavor
  • no more frozen fries. The restaurant now uses fresh cut fries

The Profit show host, Marcus Lemonis, also invested $750,000 into the restaurant company and owns a 51% stake. After seeing the changes for myself, I think the design of the store for the most part has the same elements as before but the snack/candy station is much brighter now.

But the most important thing stayed the same: the lively atmosphere and the friendly staff! This is what makes Farrell's what it is!

There is so much candy variety here! I sorta felt like I was in a candy theme park or something or inside a giant Sweets Factory store.

This is the menu for the ice cream sundaes. You can build your own too! In addition to their ice cream, you can get cotton candy, a banana split, root beer floats, and even their famous The Zoo (a giant platter with 30 scoops!).

You can also get ice cream to go in their pint containers.

Uhh... too many kinds to choose from! Kevin and I had a hard time deciding what to get. I am honestly not much of a soda drinker so I couldn't pick what I wanted. Kevin ended up getting 2 for himself. How selfish... LOL JK JK

So many chocolates too! I took some home and enjoyed the chocolate covered nuts and raisins I got. I noticed that my preferences in candy has changed. Even though there was so many colorful varieties to choose from like jellies and sours, I gravitated towards the dark chocolate candies.

Doesn't Kevin (@eatingwithhop) look so fashionable with the pink purse?

All the jelly beans!

All the food laid out for us to enjoy! It was indeed a fun night.

For the media event, the restaurant allowed us to create our own ice cream sundae! It was super fun to be creative and eat it in the end.  I'd have to say, the dessert was my favorite part.

But the food was good too! The salad didn't look too appealing because it was sitting there awhile so I ended up not trying it. But omg... the fried pickle was delicious! I scared Kevin away with my pickle breath - he hates pickles.

I also had their grilled cheese. It was good but basic.

The mac and cheese was normal and basic too but I love a good classic. I enjoyed it since sometimes fancy mac n cheese with like 5 cheeses and a bajillion herbs and spices is too overwhelming.

The star of the entire meal was actually the sliders! There was a chicken sandwich slider and also a beef burger slider.

I tried the chicken first and was instantly in love with the crispiness of the chicken and its juicy inside. The buns were soft and buttery too.

But when I bit into the beef burger, even though it wasn't as fresh and hot (we came a bit late), it was so juicy. I felt so conflicted. Which was better, chicken or beef? I COULDN'T CHOOSE! They were both so delicious in their own ways!

But I must choose. The beef won this round. It's extreme juiciness combined with the buttery and puffy buns made it the best out of the two!

For the month of March 2018, I am excited to be collaborating with Farrell's to give y'all a freakin` good deal. Just simply show this post or this post to the server and you will receive a BOGO FREE ENTREE discount! Hurry because this deal ends March 31!
This offer is only valid at the Buena Park location.

Can't wait? Plan out your meal at Farrell's right now be browsing through their online menu! I love how they include prices too so you can plan your wallet ahead!

Click here for the menu.

I ate mini versions at the media party, so I went ahead and looked at the menu to see what it's called. Don't worry, it's normal sized!
  • Laredo Chicken Sandwich ..... $13
    • Grilled chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, Anaheim chilies, avocado, tomato, and our homemade chipotle sauce
  • Farrell’s Classic Burger ..... $11.25
    • Fresh, natural, hand-formed burger, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, melted american cheese, and Farrell’s sauce.

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