GIVEAWAY | Bardot Bars and Coffee in Tustin Serves The Most Instagrammable Coffee

Bardot Bars is one of those places you must take your date to! 

Bardot Bars serves a variety of coffee drinks and dessert. I remember when they used to be inside a supermarket in Irvine and the reason why I went there was because I heard they do killer latte art. I honestly don't know if they still do crazy cool latte art because I only started ordering the picture printing ones, but I think they probably would still do... because owners are the same!

Check out the my very first experience at Bardot Bars at their previous location (Irvine) here!

Not only does Bardot Bars serve gelato with flavors including strawberry, cookies and cream, chocolate and more, but Bardot Bars actually does a good job with soft serve ice cream too!

Their soft serve flavors include french vanilla (try this with hot cheetos as part of their "secret menu") and matcha!

Their matcha is no joke too. According to the owner, the matcha costs them almost $100 per (okay I forgot which measurement... was it grams??)

They also have cute walls where you can write your own message on a thought bubble and take selfies with it. Instead of a selfie, I took a pic of my matcha soft serve! YUM! This place is aesthetic yo. Like... Korean coffee shop around Garosugil aesthetic!

Unfortunately, the store itself is sorta dark but the bathroom had great lighting! I took a pic in the bathroom... (yes, I took my ice cream into the bathroom for the pic #noshame)

yes, this pic is actually in the bathroom LOL great lighting in here
The matcha soft serve, while it is made from good quality matcha powder sourced from Japan (according to owner), is actually too milky for me. The soft serve is seems to be based on "true milk ice cream", so the overall taste is a lighter matcha flavor and more on the milkier side. I don't know why but "true milk" soft serve ice cream is all the rage these days in this area and also in Korea. Believe me, I went to Korea in September (2017) and even Quiznos Korea sold true milk soft serve. LOL WAHHH?!!

But most people seem to like it and enjoy it! It's just not for me.

However, I really do enjoy their french vanilla soft serve! I think that is super yummy and just the right amount of sweetness!

Photo Credit | @FoodieOnFleek

Try the soft serve with hot cheetos if you dare. I personally haven't tried it.... but maybe it's your cup of tea?

yes, we posed with a bubble waffle gelato taco inside the bathroom lmao


I love how the bubble waffle (hong kong egg waffle) that is made here is nice and crispy and completely filled. Some places (like Cauldron Ice Cream) do not completely fill the "puffs" in the egg waffle maker completely with the waffle batter. Thus, there are incomplete "puffs" and holes. However, Bardot Bars makes sure that every puff you get is a full puff! And it's crispy just how I like it and how it should be!

To make it even better, the waffle, right after it's made, is then molded into a taco form so that when you scoop the gelato into it, it'll still keep the taco shape! GENIUS! I can tell a lot of thought was put into this creation!

Choose from a bunch of gelato options! My fave was the cookies and cream!

They have this really cool concept where you can print a picture onto your latte! Omg! Print your selfie... print your pet, your kpop bias, whoever and whatever you want! You just need to download a certain app (I'll explain later) onto your phone to send the picture over to their system. 

It's such a fun activity! And trust me, super Instagrammable

Kevin and I put our food bloggin` logos on our lattes! Isn't it cute? (please say yes)

First you need a smartphone though (but who doesn't have one by now... right!?)
To add whatever picture you want, just download the COFFEE RIPPLE APP in either the Apple Store or Google Play! Make sure the photo you use is bright so it will easily show up on your drink!


Ch-ch-check out Bardot Bars and Coffee for yourself and you might fall in love. 

662 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780

*In the same plaza as Cream Pan and Shout Karaoke

For the December 2017 monthly giveaway, I am excited to be teaming up with Bardot Bars in Tustin to give one of my amazing Taste Buds a gift card!

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