July 26 | Ruby's Diner $2.99 Burger Day Special ALL DAY

It's official! Ruby's Diner has officially hit the 35th year anniversary mark today and is celebrating with a special deal!

Get their 35th anniversary burger with fries for only $2.99! That's actually not a bad deal at all! ^__^

It's also apparently, Burger Day today

All Ruby's Diner locations will be offering the new 35th Anniversary Burger, a 1/4 version of their classic RubyBurger, with French Fries for just $2.99! And $1 of that will be donated to the Ruby Dooby Foundation.

What is the Ruby Dooby Foundation you ask? Well, it's a foundation that helps support the health and well-being of children, inspired by Ruby Cavanaugh herself, the Foundation aims to continue Ruby’s legacy of selfless and sincere care for others.

Find out more here: www.Rubydoobyfoundation.org.


A few days ago I got to preview this 35th Anniversary Burger with fries deal at Ruby's Diner at the South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa) location and it was actually a pretty good deal! It's $2.99 for both the burger and fries and $1 of that is donated!

I haven't had Ruby's Diner in forevaaaaaas probably since maybe high school or something, but it was cool to try it again! I love the sort of diner and festive (theme parky?) feel of this place. Reminds me of Johnny Rockets.

Anyway, the burger itself had a juicy patty. I was impressed! It was overall a solid burger that had all the classic components: meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese!

The fries however, could use a bit more salt... or is that just me? I guess I could put that on myself haha.


That same day, Ruby's Diner launched the media Stack Attack Challenge and omg... it looked intense! Basically, there were 3 foodies that had the challenge of finishing a 3.5lb burger towering with six 8oz. all-beef patties, loaded with Ruby's Diner signature toppings including RubySauce, onion rings, bacon, tater tots, jalapeƱos and more PLUS Fries and a milkshake in just 35 minutes!

Let's just say... nobody was able to finish this that day. But it has been done before. But more details on this in another blog post! So stay tuned!

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