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May 27 -29 | Get These New Travel Bottles From Zero Degrees and Get A Free Drink!


First 100 customers on Saturday, Sunday, Monday (first 100 on each day) get a free drink when they purchase The Travel Bottle. *The Travel Bottle is $12.99 + tax.

Bottles come in different designs showcasing a popular landmark / travel destination

  • Paris
  • Bangkok
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • The Travel Bottle logo

May 27 - 29!

Here are their hours:
Saturday 11AM–12AM
Sunday 11AM–11PM
Monday   12PM–11PM

At the Zero Degrees in Westminster
9822 Bolsa Ave, Set C, Westminster, CA 92683

Whoa whoa hold up there. This bottle looks almost EXACTLY like those Roasting Water bottles. The shape is the same and the lid even had a small handle too. What !?? The design is of course different but the concept is very similar. Even though these are called "travel" bottles, I wouldn't recommend them for traveling because they are 100% glass with stainless steal lids, which means... impractical for carrying them everywhere since if it breaks... glass will shatter everywhere! I guess the word "travel" in the name is more for the travel destination designs. 

Check out the most recent Roasting Water bottle design below↓
Photo Credit: @chrisdtnguyen

I really wonder how much they are selling it for! Zero Degrees drinks are already around $4 and to get the bottle... would it be just a buck extra? Is it more than a buck? Roasting Water gives you these similarly designed bottles for free with the drink already and the Roasting Water bottles are nice as well and the drinks are around $4 and $5.

I am a huge Roasting Water fan because of their bottles. I love how they let their artists create art on their bottles and they are always coming out with new designs and bottle types. The most recent one is a sports bottle which has the same shape and look as The Travel Bottle x Zero Degrees. Except, the Roasting Water bottle is more practical - hard plastic (won't have glass shattering if you break it)

Anyway, I'll check out these new The Travel Bottle bottles when I go to Zero Degrees and will report back to y'all what it is like!

UPDATE: I got a sneak peak of The Travel Bottle! And my first reaction, it's basically Roasting Water but expensive. I have to admit, I choked a bit when I heard that the price is $12.99 + tax for each Travel Bottle. Isn't that a bit too.... expensive!? As a fellow friend mentioned today, "there ain't no gucci or LV on these bottles!"

I personally, (please don't hate me Zero) don't think this is worth the buy unless you really love collecting these boba bottles. I mean, it's cute, but not almost $14 cute.

The bottle is same style, shape, and similarly designed as the Roasting Water bottles, except it's glass and has a stainless steel cap. I would be fine if this was maybe $5 additional (but that's pushing it) to buying the drink but not for the current selling price because 1.) it doesn't hold that much liquid anyway .... and  2.) the drink isn't even included in the price.

Because of their special promotion, the first 100 people will get a drink free, included when buying the bottle, but regularly, a drink (around $4) + The Travel Bottle  would amount to $17 already. Damn!


  • Caramel Matcha - I really enjoyed this one!
  • NEW: Forbidden Horchata
    • a purple drink that is flavored with black (forbidden) rice and cinnamon
  • Matcha Horchata
  • Mangonada

  • although I don't believe the Travel Bottle is worth emptying your pockets for, Zero Degree's new MASON JAR is really cool! Buy a drink and add the mason jar for just an additional $1.50! What a deal! And it is a legit mason jar too with the removable top! Check the pic below ↓

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9822 Bolsa Ave, Set C, Westminster, CA 92683

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