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Ways and Means Oyster House Hosted A Successful Oyster Shucking Contest For Charity

Ways and Means hosted their annual Oyster Shucking Contest for charity last week. It was super fun to watch!

Look at them go! Slurping against time!

Last year, the Huntington Beach Firefighters won the oyster competition!

Congrats to the Huntington Beach Police Department for winning the oyster competition! They ate 92 oysters all together! Wow!

 I think if I joined the oyster eating competition, I could win... hehe

Such a huge and spacious restaurant!


The lights look so pretty!

Located by the beach! This is at Pacific City in Huntington Beach! 

Can't wait to dive into these sliders!

Got my lunch special that is part of their fundraising menu! Comes with choice of drink, entree and dessert!

I love how this slider has buns so soft and fluffy like a hawaiian bun! The guac and sauce gushed into my mouth along with the crispy bacon. Super delish!

I was surprised by how simple yet flavorful this is!


I got ice cream over a hot brownie. So delish and warm and fuzzy!

Oohlala look at all the chocolate!!

Last week on January 17, Ways and Means hosted a Shucking Event for Charity! I had the chance to watch the local Huntington Beach community slurpin` oysters as an eating contest! Whichever team ate the most would win!

There were three teams: The HB firefighers, lifeguards and police department! All three groups were so close to winning but the police department won the competition by slurping down 92 oysters! Impressive, right? 

There were 3 rounds total and each round lasted 1 minute. It was such a fun spectacle and competitions are always interesting to watch!

For the event, everyone that bought the event's lunch special would be contributing to donations! Every $5 from each ticket bought went to charity. Ways and Means would also be donating $3 for every oyster the winning team ate. That's $92 x $3 which means $276 going towards donations! YAY!

Ways and Means will be hosting this annually. It started in 2016 and is now on ongoing annual tradition so look forward to the future shucking events! It's fun to go cheer on all the participants!


I will definitely be visiting this restaurant again because of their daily deals. Every Monday, you get get an entire fresh Maine Lobster for only $10. See you soon W&M!

Here is the menu of their other daily deals!

What deals would you go here for? Obviously the lobster one right?!

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Here's the address!
21022 Pacific Coast Hwy B140, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

*inside Pacific City
*Parking is free for 2 hours with validation inside the Pacific City parking structure
*Free parking nearby the neighborhoods

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