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TAP Gelato Introduces Edible Gold To Orange County - Yes... You Can Eat This Gold!

TAP Gelato is new in town and they are also introducing something new to the scene: EDIBLE GOLD!

TAP GELATO is a new gelato dessert shop that replaced FROZEN BAR in Garden Grove. They basically changed owners and changed the name but have the same flavors. But... NOW THEY HAVE GOLD AS A TOPPING!

Completely different interior design compared to Frozen Bar. If you are familiar with the old store, TAP Gelato also took out the restroom. Which means no more washing your hands after a sticky gelato mess...   .___. ...

This is where they execute the delicate process of adding edible 24k gold flakes onto your dessert.

They've already had their grand opening and soft opening prior...So what's up with the incomplete menu? Seriously! No prices or anything about the premium flavors. Just pictures with tiny font. How can anyone read the names from the cash register? Someone hand me a magnifying glass please!

The only prices they have are the gelato scoops. What about toppings? Is that extra ? Or included? So many questions... that makes it inefficient if there is only one worker and long lines....

Festive with the Christmas tree!

Dangggggggg so much nutella!

The toppings! Sorta limited selection in my opinion though...

OOhlala such pretty Gelato flavors and colors! I like the Toasted Marshmallow flavor!

This ice cream with an entire gold sheet costs $10. #saveup

Here are the amazing stock photos from TAP Gelato. #notmyphotography

Let's take a tour of their premium flavors!

Pictured below is the Tap 24 Karat: Any flavored Gelato dipped in Nutella and topped with a full sheet of 24 Karat Gold.  | $10

 Photo Credit | Tap Gelato

Tap Crackle Pop: Any flavored Gelato dipped in Nutella, rolled in Rice Crispy Cereal and topped with an Almond Roca and 24 Karat gold flakes. 

  Photo Credit | Tap Gelato

Tap Tuxedo: Any flavored Gelato dipped in whites chocolate and topped with Oreos, marshmallow fluff that is toasted and 24 Karat gold flakes. 

  Photo Credit | Tap Gelato

Tap Cocoa: Any flavored Gelato dipped in Nutella, rolled in cocoa powder topped with cookies and cream chocolate bars, a Milano cookie, toasted marshmallow fluff and 24 Karat gold flakes. 
*Note: this one is dangerous because if you're not careful you might choke on inhaling the cocoa powder or get it all over your clothes. I luckily didn't breathe it in but all the powder fell on my clothes T__T

  Photo Credit | Tap Gelato

Tapstachio: Any flavored Gelato dipped in whole chocolate, rolled in crushed pistachios, topped with a wafer, drizzled in Nutella and topped with 24 Karat gold flakes. 

  Photo Credit | Tap Gelato

Tap Crunch: Any flavored Gelato dipped in whites chocolate, rolled in Frosted Flakes and topped with caramel, a Milano cookie, a praline pecan and 24 Karat gold flakes.  

Let me just tell ya straightforwardly. Gold tastes like nothing. Nothing. If you are someone that cares for taste, don't get the gold because it is an expensive tasteless addition. But if you are someone that cares about trying something new, get that gold. Then you can tell everyone you have tried it and confirm that yes, it indeed is tasteless.

TAP Gelato serves 24k gold sheets (looks like thin gold foil) as a topping for any gelato cone-coction. It is definitely aesthetically pleasing and will make you feel fancy pants. I sure felt fancy! But perhaps the price at $10 is not enough to justify it's lack of taste. I'd just be fine with looking at photos and enjoy the ice cream by itself!

When I was taking photos of my dessert all covered in that gold, there were so many people passing by that thought it was so cool! They too, were taking photos of my ice cream! That's some cheap advertising. They tell their friends and those friends tell others. And TAP Gelato is sly. There are no prices. You would only know once you ask, or if you forget to ask, from the bill.

So all the beautiful photos of the ice cream where the menu is has no prices. That's because it's quite expensive (or maybe incomplete menu?!). All the premium creations start at $8. This includes the cone, which has it's inside covered with nutella fresh, 2 scoops of gelato, all covered in either nutella or white chocolate and then topped with various toppings like cereal or cocoa powder and yes, gold. The most simply perhaps minimalist premium creation is just covered in nutella and then topped with an entire gold sheet is $10.

If you just want the ice cream (and save money) 2 scoops is $4 and 3 scoops if $4.75

I think the flavors here are unique but the gelato itself is more on the soft side. It melts pretty quickly in my opinion and isn't very thick. If you have ever been to Frozen Bar, this place actually replaced it but kept the recipes. Thus... gelato is basically....... the same. I like the toasted marshmallow and cookies and cream flavors!

I got the "Tap Cocoa" premium creation which is dipped in Nutella, rolled in cocoa powder topped with cookies and cream chocolate bars, a Milano cookie, toasted marshmallow fluff and 24 Karat gold flakes. I noticed their nutella shell is very thick and so breaking it to get to the ice cream took more effort than usual. I totally had to get a cup because the cocoa powder kept spilling all over my clothes and so the cup helped contain the mess.

The cone is amaaazing though since it's inside is coated in with nutella! Next time, I'd probably just get the cone and ice cream without the fancy gold embellishments.

Frozen bar was very bright. It had white tables and bright walls and always lit up. TAP Gelato is... opposite. Sorta.. dark and industrial? With grey walls and the weirdest design for seating. There is a table that sits literally only 1 person. Who thought this was a good idea? And also the tables are differently elevated. STRANGE. Maybe some people like it but I thought it was sorta awkward. And also wobbly tables is a no-no. I'm just trying to eat my ice cream without all the mess here....

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Address to Tap Gelato
10130 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92843

(in the same plaza as Oc & Lau, U & I cafe, Submarine Crab and Butaton Ramen)

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